14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

Bridlington is a popular seaside town on the Yorkshire coast in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is located about 1 hour north of Hull and approximately 30 minutes south of Scarborough. There is plenty to do in Bridlington as a family and I will cover all our favourite things to do. This should keep you going for more than just a weekend break.

Bridlington Top Things To Do

14 great things to do in Bridlington

Visit The Beach

Bridlington has two beaches which are separated by the harbour. South Beach has a larger expanse of sandy beach whereas north beach has more pebbles and a higher chance of finding a crab or two. At South Beach, there is a long promenade, public toilets, beach huts, a paddling pool and places to purchase food and drinks including takeaway fish and chips. We love to spend time at both beaches although for a full day at the beach we prefer the south beach. Both beaches have pay and display street parking although they can fill up quickly on sunnier days.

North Beach is where you will find the amusements, rides and other fun things to do. There are a couple of crazy golf courses (indoor and outdoor), plus a long promenade popular with people going for a daily stroll.

There is the East Riding Leisure centre, public toilets, cafe/restaurants, takeaway fish and chips and a land train up to Sewerby. Both beaches often have donkey rides and areas where you can take dogs all year round. Please make sure you read the signs as getting it wrong from the 1st of May until the 30th of September could result in a £1,000 fine.

Find out more about Bridlington’s North Beach and more about the South Beach. If you want to go crabbing we can recommend crabbing off the harbour walls near to where the pirate ship is or crabbing with nets on the north beach as the tide is going out.

Top Things to do Bridlington
South Beach
Top Things to do Bridlington
North Beach

Eat Fish and Chips on the Beach

Eating fish and chips on the beach in Bridlington is an essential activity. Who cares if the wind is blowing and you have flecks of sand landing in your chips it’s what life is all about. We LOVE to eat ours on the beach and sometimes we go to the beach just to do that.

At North beach, we can recommend North Beach Fish and Chips. They are a takeaway kiosk on the beachfront and they do have some picnic benches if you really don’t fancy sitting on the beach. On South Beach Richie’s cafe and bar also sell take away fish and chips, they are also right on the seafront. These are also super yummy and we would highly recommend them.

Take a Ride on a Land Train

There are two land trains in Bridlington. The south beach land train is for taking people from the park and ride to the Bridlington Spa/south beach. The park and ride costs just £5.50 peak/£5.00 off-peak for all-day parking. You need to take half of your ticket away with you as this will then entitle you to ride on the bus or the land train. You need to walk a bit further past the park and ride bus stop to catch the land train. The land train then takes you to a train stop next to the Bridlington Spa which is next to the northern end of south beach.

The other land train takes you from the Leisure centre up to Sewerby Hall and Gardens. I am unsure if they now stop at the model village and the north end of north beach but hopefully if they don’t they will do so again soon. You can book a round trip or a single at a very reasonable price. There are sometimes more than one train running but there is usually at least one train leaving the leisure centre every hour.

Please note the land trains run from around April until September.

14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

Boat Rides

Bridlington has a fishing harbour that is also home to three tourist boat rides. There is the pirate ship which costs £2.50 each and goes on a 10-15 minute trip out to sea and back. It usually goes on a brief trip along side the north beach and back again.

14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

There is also a speed boat ride if you’re brave enough. This costs £5 per person and also lasts for around 10 minutes. It’s pretty intense and you have to hold on tight the whole time. It literally takes your breath away you go so fast.

Top Things to do Bridlington

Last, but not least, is the Yorkshire Belle. This is my favourite thing to do and I’m so glad they could get the funding together to repair the boat so they can restart sailing again this year. The Yorkshire Belle has been providing boat tours for many years now and there are a variety of tours and tour lengths on offer.

Our favourite trip is to take the 1.5-hour ride to Bempton cliffs and back again. It’s a great way to see all the nesting birds and the noise is like nothing else. The Belle has indoor and outdoor seating and a bar on board.

14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

All of the boat tours are dependent on the weather and the tide. If there is a low tide the boats can’t sail and if there is bad weather they definitely can’t sail. It’s worth checking ahead, especially for rides on the Yorkshire Belle.

Play on the Amusements

Just up from the harbour, you will find most of Bridlington’s amusement arcades. There are around 5-6 on the main drag in front of Jerome’s. The larger arcades have ticket systems where you can play for tickets and the more you win the better your prize. There are plenty of 2p slot machines plus fruit machines and small rides for the kids. This used to be our favourite thing to do in the winter until covid hit. I hope we will feel brave enough to return again soon.

14 great things to do in Bridlington
14 great things to do in Bridlington

Have a go at Crazy Golf

Bridlington has just 2 crazy golf courses. The smaller course is indoors and located next door to the Treasure Island amusements. They have 10 pirate themed holes that are short but there are plenty of obstacles and they have really gone to town with the theming.

Top Things to do Bridlington

The other course is outdoors. North Marine Crazy golf is about halfway up the promenade on north beach. It has 14 crazy holes and is rather challenging. They also have a nice outdoor seating area overlooking the prom and the beach. There is also a putting green. Both cost around £5 per adult and a bit less for kids.

14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

Visit Sewerby and Two Top Attractions

A bit north of Bridlington you will find the small village of Sewerby. It pretty much feels like it is part of Bridlington as the two run together. You can get the land train from the Leisure centre up to Sewerby but there is also a free car park at Sewerby Hall and Gardens plus a large pay and display car park next to Bondville Model Village.

Bondville Model Village is a really cute visitor attraction. The model village was first created back in 1987 and it took 2 years to build. Today there are around 200 buildings that were all painstakingly created with amazing detail. It is an outdoor attraction in a relatively small space but do take your time to look around as there is so much to spot. We love to spot the miniature people playing sports and going about their daily life. We especially love the castle overlooking the pretty harbour.

The second attraction at Sewerby is Sewerby Hall and Gardens. This is a lovely place to visit and we renew our annual pass every year. Sewerby has some really beautiful gardens you can walk around plus a small zoo with some really friendly animals (especially the goats).

You can also look around the hall which is worth a visit and there is a playground for the kids. They host some great annual events including jousting and lots of extra family-friendly activities. You could spend a good few hours here.

Go for a family-friendly Swim at the Leisure Centre

The East Riding Leisure centre had a makeover a few years ago and it’s now an excellent venue for a swim. There is parking at the Leisure centre although there is a small charge to park. There is a large pool for swimming plus a smaller family pool which isn’t as deep as the main pool. It is great for young kids learning to swim.

I should know my son learnt to swim here. It is just the right depth to give them confidence and even adults can swim in this pool without knocking their knees. The added bonus is that there are two really fun slides plus a splash area the kids will love with a few more slides, water play and giant tipping bucket. Not only that but you can even see the sea from the pool.

14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

Catch a Concert at Bridlington Spa

In normal times we try to visit the Bridlington Spa as much as we can. It’s an excellent venue and they often have some great tribute acts, in fact they even have some great acts that perform at the spa. There is a more formal theatre where we have been to see their annual pantomime plus other theatre shows. They also have a large hall where their concerts are held and they also have weekly roller discos in the summer. The Spa has a cafe with fabulous sea views.

14 Great Things To Do In Bridlington Family Friendly

Enjoy a Donkey Ride on the Beach

My son has enjoyed a donkey ride at both North and South beach. With the tide being further in for most of the time at north beach it is a safer bet to try for a ride on the south beach. It’s never more than a few pounds and the donkeys go on a short walk and back on the beach.

14 great things to do in Bridlington

Go for a Ride at the Fair

Bridlington has two lots of fairground rides. They are very close together and you could be fooled into thinking it’s one big section of rides but they are actually run by two different companies. This means that you need two different lots of tokens if there are rides that you want to go on in both. We always have a stash for both but we live in Brid so it makes sense for us. The more money you spend on tokens the better value for money the rides are. Most of the rides require different amounts of tokens.

We don’t really have a preference as both sections have something for all ages. The area closer to the harbour has dodgems, a fun bouncy ride, a fun house for the kids, a Waltzer and a few other smaller rides. The area closer to the Leisure centre has a big wheel, a few more extreme rides, a caterpillar coaster, trampolines and more.

Top Things to do Bridlington
Top Things to do Bridlington

Test yourself at Clip N Climb

Clip N Climb is a relatively new addition to the East Riding Leisure centre. I like to think of it as where my son became brave. The first time he had a go on their climbing walls he wasn’t really sure of himself but with each visit he gets that bit braver. There are around 6 different walls and children can take part from the age of 4, adults can also have a go. The staff are always really friendly and great at encouraging the kids and showing them the best ways to climb the walls.

Scare yourself silly in the Haunted House

This is only a small attraction and it doesn’t take all that long to go around but if you have some bored teenagers with you send them in here. I don’t scare easily but oh my goodness this place is scary. I took my son in when he was 5 and we virtually ran around trying to get away from everything.

Nothing touches you but there are lots of scary sounds where at times you will feel like you are really being shot at (especially when there is air blasting at you). The tunnel at the start was the weirdest optical illusion ever, we literally felt like the floor was tipping up when it clearly wasn’t. Sorry no photos of this one, I was too scared. It can be found in between the indoor crazy golf and Treasure Island amusements (see above).

Head a short drive out of town and Visit an Animal Park or a Sweet Making Factory

Carnaby is another part of Bridlington very similar to Sewerby where it feels like it is Bridlington but really it isn’t. There is a large trading estate and just at the entrance to it you will find Candy Kingdom which is a large soft play centre and John Bull World of Rock. They are hoping to start their factory tours again this August and I really hope they do as we love to visit. You can find out more here. The tour takes around an hour and you will see rock, chocolates and biscuits being made. You will get to roll your own stick of rock, taste their biscuits and make a chocolate lolly. There is also a fabulous sweet filled shop.

The second place to visit in Carnaby is Bridlington Animal Park. It’s just a small park but we enjoy visiting there for a couple of hours. You can hand-feed their animals including their wallabies, if you’re lucky as they’re not as friendly as they used to be. The park even has a giraffe and other unusual animals such as raccoons and ostrich. We love their meerkats and friendly parrots. There is also a wooden outdoor play area plus they often have animal handling sessions.

For regular inspiration please check out our Facebook page – Yorkshire to do with kids We also have a Yorkshire days out group where you can find daily ideas and ask for recommendations or even post about somewhere you’ve been (good or bad). Best Days Out in Yorkshire.

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