Alpamare UK Waterpark Scarborough Review

We live just a 30-minute drive from Scarborough and we visit a lot, we’ve even holidayed in Scarborough a few times. One place we’ve never been but keep saying we should visit is Alpamare in Scarborough. We finally visited on a school night and we loved it, we’d certainly return. Read on to find out exactly what we thought of Alpamare waterpark and what there is to do there.

Alpamare UK is located on the northern side of Scarborough in North Yorkshire. It has a large pay and display car park that is around £1 an hour. It is one of the biggest waterparks in the UK and it has a good range of things to do, we spent two hours there but we certainly could have stayed longer.

Alpamare UK Waterpark Scarborough Review
All photos credited to Alpamare UK

Alpamare UK Things To Do Review

We decided to visit after school one night in the hope that it would be quieter, luckily it was. I can imagine that on a hot day this place could get really busy as pre-covid times you could book all-day sessions and you could add your card details to your wristband so that you can easily purchase food and drinks. Currently, sessions are limited to three hours and the only thing your wristband does at the moment is secure your locker.

We arrived a little bit before our timed session and we were still allowed in. The changing rooms are for males and females and there’s a good number of changing cubicles including larger ones for families. They also have some pretty roomy lockers. You are given a wristband that has a flat face that opens and closes your chosen locker so there are no keys sticking into your wrist. The only downside to this is that you have to remember your locker number.

There are then separate showers and toilets for males and females. Each shower has a wall around it but there are no doors. Just on from here is the cafe area where they sell hot and cold food and drinks including slushes, there is also a kiosk outdoors selling ice-creams and alcohol-based drinks that are open in the summer.

As their wristbands don’t currently hold your card details if you want to purchase anything from the cafe you have to have your card with you or get dressed. We decided this wasn’t for us and headed to the seafront in Scarborough for tea. When they do bring this back we will return as it’s a great idea and it would mean that we could spend a good few hours there.

They have a good number of sun loungers plus chairs and tables indoors and outdoors. We put our towels on a couple of loungers which we didn’t really need in the end as everywhere felt so warm. The indoor loungers are right next to the splash and play area.

When we first went into this area the water felt really cold compared to the outdoor pools but we soon warmed up. It’s a great area for kids to get confident with water and there are a couple of small slides for them to gain confidence.

Also indoors there is a relatively small swimming area that has a wave machine. It went off on the hour when we were there and the waves lasted for at least 15 minutes which is much longer than any other pool we’ve visited recently. They were great fun but don’t expect small waves for toddlers to sit in at the edge as they come in pretty large and very fierce.

Also indoors you will find their four large water slides. We didn’t go on any of these as my son has a bit of a fear of the unknown. Maybe I could have tried them out without him which I may well do in the future.

Snowstorm is a four-man tube ride for ages 8 and over with a minimum height of 1.2m. Black run is also a tube ride and has the same restrictions. The olympic run is a double tube ride for ages 6 and over with a minimum height of 1.2m and the crest run is a mat racer slide for ages 6 and over with a minimum height of 1.1m.

Alpamare UK Waterpark Scarborough Review

We spent most of our time outdoors as the chlorine was particularly strong indoors and I didn’t have my goggles with me. The outdoor pools are lovely. One can be accessed from indoors and the other there is a short walk outside to.

This one is an infinity pool that overlooks the sea although it was a little further away than I’d expected. Both pools are heated to a gorgeously warm 35oC. They were lovely and both had jacuzzi areas. There is no shallow end though in either of the outdoor pools and my seven years old could only just stand above the waterline.

My son loved Alpamare and said he preferred it to Calypso Cove waterpark in Barnsley. I agreed with him, the layout felt better and there just felt like there was more to do although there perhaps was the same amount it just suited us more. I liked the outdoor aspects of it and it would be a lovely place to visit and spend a hot summer’s day, especially as then it would feel like you were really getting your money’s worth.

Considering that people can have food and drinks around the pool areas we found the waterpark to be pretty clean. The showers could have been a bit cleaner but generally, as a whole, it was pretty clean. I had assumed you couldn’t take photos in the waterpark but I saw a few people taking photos on phones that none of the staff challenged.

Alpamare UK FAQ & Further Information

Address: 28 Burniston Rd, Scarborough YO12 6PH, North Yorkshire

Category – Waterpark – Indoors and Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

A peak adult ticket costs £17, children range in prices according to age and start from £7 up to £17. Spectator tickets are £10. Off-peak tickets are cheaper at £12 an adult and £5-12 for a child.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Waterpark with four large slides, wave machine, splash play area, two outdoor heated pools. There are toilets, showers, changing rooms and a cafe.

When are they open?

Alpamare is open almost all year round.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks. No picnics are allowed.

Is there parking?

There is parking, charges apply.

Are they accessible?

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