Bridlington Animal Park Review

Located just a short drive from Bridlington in Carnaby, East Riding of Yorkshire is Bridlington Animal Park. It’s not a large animal park but we always enjoy spending a couple of hours there. You could walk around it in no time at all but with the additional daily activities plus the opportunity to feed their animals you wouldn’t want to rush your visit.

As soon as you walk in you are met with two friendly caged parrots. One of them is particularly chatty. This is also where there toilet is and where you can purchase food for feeding their animals. They have a list of what you can and can’t feed.

Bridlington Animal Park

There are no real paths as such as it’s more of a woodland setting so make sure you take some wellies with you. There are a number of enclosures in the woodland including some friendly racoons, meerkats, pigs, armadillo and more.

In the middle surrounded by the other enclosures is a large wallaby walk-in enclosure. In here they allow you to help feed the wallabies. Beware though as there are also a couple of frisky emus, they may even be ostriches.

We always get the man in the family to distract them with food while we feed the wallabies. At one time you could walk to the wallabies and hand feed them but now you have to hope they come to you which is a shame.

Bridlington Animal Park
Bridlington Animal Park
Bridlington Animal Park Review

If you then take the grass path at the back left of this area you will find their zebra and a camel which are relatively new additions to the park. They are also building a new enclosure near here for another new animal to the park.

A Review of Bridlington Animal Park, East Yorkshire

There is then a short walk to see goats, sheep, rheas, donkeys and ponies. You are able to feed all the animals in these enclosures.

Bridlington Animal Park Review

They have a schedule of daily activities which include animal talks, reptile handling, a bird of prey display, raccoon feeding, owl handling and more. On the occasions we have visited our son has held a lizard and a snake. He’s also been able to hold an owl.

Bridlington Animal Park Review
Bridlington Animal Park Review

The park has recently installed a wooden play area for the kids. This is also where you will find a few picnic benches so it’s good for having a break between daily activities.

Bridlington Animal Park

Please note that there is no cafe on-site but there is a cafe next door which is run separately to the animal park. This also has a couple of things the kids can go on in the summer and although the two places often get mixed up they aren’t the same place.

Bridlington Animal Park FAQ & Further Information

Address: Covert Lane, Carnaby, Bridlington YO15 3QF, East Yorkshire
Category – Animal Park – Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

An adult ticket costs just under £6 per person. Under 3s are free.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Animal park with animals you can feed including wallabies, animal experiences, bird displays and other animals zebra, meerkats and more. There is a toilet.

When are they open?

Birdlington Animal Park is open all year round except for Christmas day. For up to date opening times please visit their website.

Is there food available?

No, but there is a cafe next door (check ahead for opening hours).

Is there parking?

There is free on-site parking.

Are they dog friendly?

No dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

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