Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

The North Beach at Bridlington is very different to the south. But in saying that the south end of the north beach is also completely different to the north end. At one end you have the busy amusements and fairground rides then the further north you go the quieter the beach becomes. Then you will get to another busier area with food outlets and beach huts. To help you find out more I have written this review guide for visiting Bridlington’s North Beach.

For us, as a family, we choose Bridlington’s south beach when we want a long fun and relatively peaceful day at the beach. We choose the north beach for shorter visits and when we fancy doing something else while we are there.

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

How to get to North Beach / Where to Park

Parking can be even more challenging for North Beach. If you are visiting the beach I wouldn’t recommend parking in the harbour as the tide is usually in for some distance along north beach and you may have quite a walk to actually find any sand.

As we are residents we have more parking options but as non-residents, you have parking all around the outside of the Premier Inn that is council-run pay and display (do not attempt to park in their car park unless you are staying there). The Premier Inn is a fantastic place to stay in Brid not just for location but for the quality of the rooms (we loved staying there prior to moving here).

The middle building in the photo below is the Premier Inn.

Bridlington North Beach

The Leisure centre now only allows cars to park there if they are using the leisure centre so that option is out now. The other option you have is a bit further up the north beach along North Marine Drive. This, like South Marine Drive at south beach, is pay and display street parking. St Anne’s road also has free parking for three hours but that goes fast! There is also the Limekiln lane coach park but that is almost in Sewerby.

If you are struggling you can drive up to the Bridlington Park and Ride but this is a good 15-minute drive away. It does, however, have 1,000 spaces and only costs £5.50 all day. You can then take the bus to the Leisure centre. North beach is too far to walk from the train station so you would probably want to take a taxi.

Is Bridlington North Beach Dog Friendly?

In parts. Like the south beach, the north beach also has a large section of beach where dogs aren’t permitted from the 1st of May until the 30th of September. Dogs are permitted on the beach all year round from North Beach Fish and chips all the way up to Sewerby. There is a £1,000 fine if you are caught on the beach with your dog from here all the way up to the harbour.

Bridlington North Beach

Facilities at Bridlington North Beach

Bridlington’s north beach is where the main ‘action’ is in Brid. At the southern end, you have the harbour where you can go on various boat rides. There is a pirate ship ride out to sea at £2.50 each which is a 10 minute round trip. There is a speed boat ride at £5 each which is super fast and short. Plus the wonderful Yorkshire Belle which has a variety of cruises on offer.

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

A little up from here is where the fairground rides are. There are two sections of rides and both are owned and run by different people so it’s worth seeing what rides you like the look of the most as you need different tokens for each section. There is a good selection at both for young and old.

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide
Bridlington North Beach

The popular Jerome’s bar and restaurant split up the two sections of rides. There are also some public toilets here and if you walk to the top section of Jerome’s you will find all the amusements plus indoor crazy golf, a haunted house, bowling and the cinema.

There are plenty of places to purchase fish and chips and other seaside delights around the harbour and the amusements. This area has seen a huge investment of money this past year and has new seating, paving, grassed areas, a small car park, new lighting and more. I think it’s a fabulous addition to the town and if they could just sort out the roads going off this area I think they will be onto a winner.

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide
Bridlington North Beach

From the harbour, all the way up to North Bay fish and chips you will find a long promenade. This is hugely popular and there are public toilets at various points along the way. You can then take a path that goes all the way up to Bondville Model Village and Sewerby Hall and gardens.

There is also an outdoor crazy golf course with a lovely outdoor seating area where you can enjoy a drink and an ice cream. Near here there are two places to purchase fish and chips plus a nice cafe. This is now where the North Marine Parade parking begins. There are sometimes donkey rides on the north beach although we tend to see them more on the south beach.

Bridlington North Beach
Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

Once you get to North Bay fish and chips there is a shop selling plenty of beach goodies plus ice cream and drinks. There are some beach huts here some of which can be rented out although do be warned that they can be booked out months in advance.

I mentioned the Leisure centre above. This is close to the amusements and has an excellent indoor pool with a splash area, one large pool, one small family pool and 2 slides. There is also Clip N Climb, a gym and a cafe. This is where you can board the land train that goes from the Leisure centre up to Sewerby Hall and gardens.

It is quite a walk so this is a great way to sit back and enjoy the view. There is also the dog-friendly Ship Inn at Sewerby with a huge outdoor seating area next to a play area.

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

What is the beach like at North Beach

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Bridlington’s north beach is just a few minute’s walk from the south beach as the two beaches couldn’t be any more different. The north beach is always full of white pebbles and other small pebbles. There is always a lot less sand on the north beach but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a sandcastle. The sand on this beach is great for building sandcastles.

Bridlington North Beach Visitor Guide

When the tide is out there are some great places to hunt for crabs. The north beach is lined with wooden posts and this leaves rockpools where there are always crabs to be found.

Also when the tide goes out there are islands of sea left behind which are lovely and shallow and can warm up nicely on a hot day. If you walk as far as Sewerby cliffs there are some great rock pools around there. The harbour walls are also a great place to do some crabbing. You only need a net on the main beach though.

Bridlington North Beach

The tide comes in a lot further on the north beach than the south. We have rarely been able to access the beach at the end near the harbour. There can be some spectacular waves that crash over the walls here. There is always some beach from just past the Premier Inn and even more in front of North Bay fish and chips.

There are lifeguards on a small section of the north beach and when they are there they put out flags on the beach and this is where it is considered safe to swim.

Bridlington North Beach
Bridlington North Beach

At Bridlington, there is the south beach which is separate from the north beach. If you would like to find out more about South Beach in Bridlington please check out our visitor guide.

Bridlington South Beach FAQ & Further Information

Address: YO15 2PL, Bridlington, East Riding Yorkshire, East Yorkshire

Category – Beach – Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

The beach is free to visit. If you are visiting by car there will be a charge to park.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Large beach with harbour boat rides, fairground rides, amusements, places to purchase food and drinks, toilets, leisure centre, land train, crazy golf and more.

When are they open?

The beach is always accessible.

Is there food available?

There are many places to purchase takeaway food and drinks. There are also a few places where you can enjoy a sit down meal.

Is there parking?

There is pay and display street parking or you can use the park and ride. The park and ride is the cheaper of the two options.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are not permitted on the main section of beach from May 1st until September 31st.

Are they accessible?

There is a couple of areas of the beach at the northern end that have ramps down to the sand. The sand is very deep and loose though so you would struggling with a pushchair or wheelchair once on the sand.

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