Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

When we made the decision to move to the coast a few years ago we chose Bridlington in the East Riding of Yorkshire. We all love living here and we certainly made the right decision. Yes, there are parts of Brid that are run down but the council are slowly spending money on the area and every year there is another lovely new addition.

This past year the north beach has seen a lot of money spent on it whereas the south beach hasn’t but it currently doesn’t need any major investment in this part of town.

The photo below shows my son flying his kite on south beach with the Bridlington Spa theatre pictured on the right of the photo. This theatre has two performance rooms and we’ve enjoyed pantomimes and tribute band concerts in both and I can highly recommend this place as a venue although street parking can be difficult at times.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

How to get to south beach / Where to Park

If you visit Bridlington on a sunny day and arrive after 10 am you will struggle to park near the south beach. The main road that runs close to the beach is South Marine Drive. This has street parking all the way along which is pay and display. This is the most expensive parking in Brid and you can expect to pay around £8 a day. Once the parking is full it tends to stay full as most people park and stay at the beach for a few hours.

If you don’t fancy trying your luck I can recommend Bridlington’s park and ride. The car park has over 1,000 spaces so it shouldn’t be full. It costs just £5.50 for a land train or a bus ride into Brid and the bus stops at Harbour top which is a short walk to the beach or by the Spa which is right next to the beach.

The car park itself also has beach access so you could choose to spend the day there. There are public toilets and a kiosk selling take-away food and drinks. You may even find the beach quieter here and if you have dogs they can go on the beach all year round in the section in front of the park and ride car park.

You can walk along the traffic-free promenade all the way from the park and ride down to the Bridlington Spa. It is a very long walk though so you wouldn’t want to attempt it if you’re carrying all your beach gear.

Neither of Bridlington’s two beaches are close to the train station. You may want to get a taxi to the beach if you are arriving by train.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

Is Bridlington South Beach Dog Friendly?

In parts yes. Dogs are not permitted on a large section of the beach from the 1st of May until the 31st of September. This is in the main beach area next to the spa which runs past the beach huts, so it’s a considerably large stretch of beach. There is very large and very clear signage indicating this. I think the fine is now £1,000 (used to be £500).

Facilities at Bridlington South Beach

As well as the Bridlington Spa which also has a cafe that is open to the public the south promenade has council-run toilet blocks at intervals along the beach. There is also the large and very popular Richie’s Cafe bar.

Here they sell sit down meals, bar drinks plus they have takeaway fish and chips and a kiosk that sells sweet treats including ice creams plus hot and cold drinks. There are plenty of tables indoor and outdoor plus a huge area on top of the building which has great views of the beach.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

There is also a paddling pool which is just a short walk south from Richie’s bar. We rarely visit the beach without also visiting the paddling pool. It’s not massive and it is very shallow but kids love playing in it. The paddling pool is close to the beach huts. There is a relatively long stretch of beach huts and most of them are privately owned. If you want to book one please find more information in this link but do be warned that they are usually booked up months in advance.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

In the warmer months (from May until September) there are usually donkey rides on the beach.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

Also in the summer, there is usually a merry-go-round in the large paved area next to the Spa.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

What is the beach like at South Beach

The stretch of sand at Bridlington south beach is vast. It goes on for around a mile where it then becomes Fraisthorpe beach this also continues on for some distance. The sand is excellent and great for building sandcastles. If you visit in the summer a tractor ploughs the beach every day so it’s at its best in the summer months.

There are some shells and a few pebbles. There are no rock pools on this beach (you want north beach for pebbles/shells/rockpools). Even at high tide, there is a good section of beach and the sea can go out a really long way at low tide so depending on when you visit you may have a very long walk to the sea. I use this website to check the tide times.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

The sea is very shallow for some distance out at south beach. There are lifeguard patrols in peak season. When on a lifeguarded beach, find the red and yellow flags and always swim or bodyboard between them – this area is patrolled by lifeguards. The sea is considered to be better quality to swim in at north beach although do be careful with inflatables at both of these beaches. It’s not uncommon to hear about people who have gone out on an inflatable raft etc. and have had to be rescued.

Bridlington South Beach Visitor Guide

At Bridlington, there is the north beach which is separate from the south beach. If you would like to find out more about North Beach in Bridlington please check out our visitor guide.

Bridlington South Beach FAQ & Further Information

Address: Princess Mary Promenade, Bridlington YO15 3LG, East Yorkshire

Category – Beach – Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

The beach is free to visit. If you are visiting by car there will be a charge to park.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Large expanse of sandy beach with public toilets, beach huts and a paddling pool. Links from the park and ride plus a large cafe/bar, donkey rides and a fairground ride in the summer.

When are they open?

The beach is always accessible.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe/bar serving hot and cold food and drinks plus takeaway fish and chips.

Is there parking?

There is pay and display street parking or you can use the park and ride. The park and ride is the cheaper of the two options (and the easiest).

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are not permitted on the main section of beach from May 1st until September 31st.

Are they accessible?

There is a couple of areas of the beach that have ramps down to the sand. The sand is very deep and loose though so you would struggling with a pushchair or wheelchair once on the sand.

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