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Cannon Hall Farm is a large modern farm park near to Barnsley in South Yorkshire. There has been and there continues to be a lot of investment in the farm park. It all feels very new and it’s clear there is still more to do.

The farm park has a good mixture of things to do indoors and outdoors so it’s certainly a year-round attraction. There is also a good range of play areas and animals to see.

Things To Do At Cannon Hall Farm

We started our visit in the reptile house. This is one of the best reptile rooms I’ve been in. They have some lovely ‘homes’ to live in and there are all sorts of reptiles to see. Watch out for the line of ants walking above your head almost all the way around. Luckily none of them were falling off but it made me feel nervous.

Cannon Hall Farm

We then headed to their outdoor playgrounds. We always like to visit playgrounds early in the day before they get too busy. There are three main play areas at Cannon Hall Farm. There is one suitable for younger children which is on two levels. The top-level has a tower they can climb up and then slide down two different tube slides to the bottom level, this is more suited to slightly older children. There is plenty to play on in this area.

Cannon Hall Farm
Cannon Hall Farm

Just a little way on from this is a huge assault course type playground for older children. My tall 7 year old attempted a couple of things but he just wasn’t tall or able enough so this area would be great for ‘bored’ teenagers. Across from here is a really fun looking tunnel maze. This looks great fun. It was closed due to covid but basically kids can run around tunnels very similar to a rabbit warren.

Cannon Hall Farm

In between these two play areas they have ferret racing, of all things. They also have sheep racing. One of our favourite things to see where the meerkats. They have a lovely enclosure and most of the time they were right up against the glass so people could get really close to them. There is also a new walk-in enclosure not yet open where they will have some red squirrels.

Cannon Hall Farm
Cannon Hall Farm

One other play area at the farm is their Hungry Llama indoor soft play. This is huge! They also have a cafe in here with plenty of tables. They serve a selection of hot and cold food and drinks. The soft play area is one of the biggest in the area with nine slides and plenty of things to climb and play on.

The farm animals at Cannon Hall farm are in three different areas. There’s the covered roundhouse where you can walk around the outside or walk on a platform high above the animals. They also have some animals such as horses and sheep out on their fields.

Cannon Hall Farm Things to do

The final places you can see their animals are in the open air barns. These are all covered so they’re good to visit all year round. You walk into each in turn and there’s a variety of farm animals to see. It’s clear this is a working farm, especially when you see the huge number of pigs most of which have piglets. You can’t hand feed the animals as you walk higher up than they are but you can purchase food to send down a chute. They also have lots of goats, some donkeys, alpacas and cows.

Cannon Hall Farm Things to do
Cannon Hall Farm

They also run tractor rides at the farm. When we visited quite a few of the extra things to do weren’t available due to covid so we only spent around 3 hours there including lunch. I’d imagine when everything is running you could easily spend all day at the farm.

Cannon Hall Farm Things to do

Important Information about Cannon Hall Farm

Address: Bark House Ln, Cawthorne, Barnsley S75 4AT, South Yorkshire

Car parking at Cannon Hall Farm – All day parking is £3.

Cannon Hall Farm Prices – All tickets for anyone age 2 or over are £4.95 over autumn/winter. This is subject to change when more can open again. Children under 2 are free.

Can you purchase and annual pass for Cannon Hall? – There is no reference to an annual pass.

Facilities at Cannon Hall Farm: Farm park with large outdoor play areas for all ages, large indoor soft play, animal races, tractor rides and lots of farm animals. There is a cafe and toilets. There are other places to purchase food and drinks just before the entrance to the farm park.

Opening Times: They are open all year round except for Christmas Day. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Accessibility statement

Is Cannon Hall Farm Dog Friendly: Dogs are not permitted in the farm park. There is a dog-friendly cafe close to the entrance.

Are there places to picnic: Yes there are a few picnic tables outside.

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