Diggerland Yorkshire Things To Do

Diggerland is a small chain of Theme Parks in the UK. Yorkshire’s Diggerland is in Castleford, West Yorkshire. It is located in an industrial estate which was the last place we were expecting to find a Digger theme park. It is actually a relatively small attraction which means it’s really easy to walk around. This doesn’t mean there’s not much to do though as there is lots packed into the site. We spent around 4 hours there and we didn’t even go into the soft play area.

Most of the rides at Diggerland Yorkshire have height/age restrictions. Because of this, I would recommend the day out for children aged from 4-14. It is usually open from Easter until the end of summer with a brief opening in February for a half-term. It is a mostly outdoor attraction.

Diggerland Yorkshire Things To Do

We actually didn’t manage to go on everything as we bottled out of one ride due to it looking a bit more intense than the other rides. I think if we were to return again we’d give it a go. A few of the other rides weren’t really for us or just weren’t suitable at the time.

Dig-a-round was the first ride that we went on. You must be over 80cm to ride. It’s similar to a merry-go-round but instead of sitting on a horse, you sit in a digger arm. It goes forwards and then backwards, it’s a relatively slow ride.

Diggerland Yorkshire

Next, my son drove his own mini landrover. I have a feeling that he’s now too tall for this though as children have to be between 100 and 140 cm to drive (90cm-100cm can ride with a friend or sibling). The landrovers are electric-powered and kids get to drive them around a circuit which includes a mini hill.

Diggerland Yorkshire

If they are too big there’s always the mini tractors. These can be driven by children of at least 100cm if accompanied by an adult and 120cm to drive without an adult. It’s basically a fun and very bouncy ride around a dirt track.

Diggerland Yorkshire

They have a series of digger controlled games. There are skittles where you have to knock over some skittles with a digger arm. This is not easy and height restrictions apply. Dippy ducks is another digger arm game where you have to hook ducks from out of the water, this is super challenging. Buried treasure is even harder. You have to retrieve bricks from out of the gravel pit, but ours kept falling through the gaps of the digger arm.

Diggerland Yorkshire

They have an outdoor go-kart track. Children must be at least 80cm to drive and over 100cm to drive independently. You go around the course in staggered groups so there isn’t really the opportunity to race. They also have some coin-operated electric go-karts indoors.

Diggerland Yorkshire Things to do

Skyshuttle is a ride you can all go on together. It goes about 50 feet up into the air and it is a sedate/slow ride up and back down again. It gives you some great views but do wrap up well if you go on a cold day. You can also all go on a safari 4×4 drive together. A driver takes you around a fun and bumpy course. You must be at least 80cm to ride.

Diggerland Yorkshire
Diggerland Yorkshire Things to do

Kids over 110cm (90cm-110cm if accompanied by an adult) can drive their own digger controlled by a joystick. Our son really struggled to drive his which was quite a laugh but he made it round (eventually). He did really well all things considered. There is also the Diggerland train where children are pulled along in their very own carriage while adults sit in the trailer (children 80cm must ride with the adults).

Diggerland Yorkshire Things to do
Diggerland Yorkshire

We didn’t go on Stack Attack as it has a minimum height of 140cms and we decided it looked too hard. There are also giant diggers and dirt diggers which again have a height limit. You basically get to move some mud around with a digger arm. They also have dumper trucks which you can drive around a circuit. This again has height restrictions.

The main big ride we didn’t go on was SpinDizzy. You must be over 100cm and basically, you are spun around and bounced about in a digger bucket. Kids over 140cm can drive a Mitsubishi Pajero around their special 400-metre course. Plus crazy carts which you must be 140cm to ride and you must wear a helmet. Mini electric carts are spun around at speeds of up to 20km an hour.

Diggerland Yorkshire
Diggerland Yorkshire Things to do

Indoors there is a 2 storey soft play area suitable for children age 2 to 13. There is a ball pit for toddlers plus a smaller soft play area. Outdoors there are some small electric coin-operated ride-ons on a track that smaller kids will love.

Diggerland Yorkshire Things to do

We really loved the uniqueness of Diggerland. Even my Mum enjoyed the day out and she didn’t go on much. They have really gone to town with the digger theme and your kids don’t need to be digger fans to enjoy a day out here. It’s great for slightly older kids and there are some really challenging and different things to do. It looks like one thing to do may be replaced soon, but I think it’s replacing one of the more basic rides.

Diggerland Yorkshire FAQ & Further Information

Address: Willowbridge Ln, Castleford WF10 5NW

Category: Theme Park, mostly suitable for children from the age of 4

What are the ticket prices?

Keep your eye out for offers and if you can’t find any make sure you pre-book online as you can save on your tickets. It costs almost £20 online for an adult and children over 90cm vs £23.95 on the day. Under 95cms are free.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

There is a great range of digger themed rides including the opportunity to drive your own diggers, go-karts and more. Plus other digger related challenges and more. Indoor play area. There are toilets on-site and a cafe.

When are they open?

Diggerland is open from Easter half-term until the end of summer. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is a free car park.

Are they dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

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