Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Review Guide

Eden Camp is another of our favourite days out in Yorkshire. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this is our favourite indoor day out in Yorkshire. Yes, you have to walk outdoors between the huts so it isn’t 100% indoors but all the main displays are indoors.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is located in North Yorkshire just a short drive from Malton. We can usually spend 3-4 hours there although when it’s really cold we have been known to spend less time there.

The museum is set within a former WWII prisoner of war camp. There are 33 huts most of which are used for their exhibitions. They’ve even set one up to look exactly how it would have looked when the POWS were living there.

When we originally moved up to Yorkshire I was never in a rush to visit. But when we finally did I regretted not going there sooner and we have returned a few times since. The way in which all the huts have been set up is excellent and I wish all war museums were like this. Since they opened they have won quite a few well-deserved awards.

Things To Do At Eden Camp

When you arrive you have to show your tickets at the entrance gate which makes you feel like you are entering a camp. I’m unsure if you can pay at the gate as we have always pre-booked. You then start your visit through the cafe and out around the courtyard of huts.

The huts are all numbered and it’s worth picking up a map just so that you can get your bearings. We always start off at hut #1 and make our way around in order. The huts don’t always run in order though so keep your eye out for where to go next. There are usually signs pointing out where the next section of huts are.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum

Each hut is home to a different aspect of war and not just WWII. In each hut there are new and interesting surprises and the displays are engaging for both children and adults. Someone has put a lot of effort into this place and with the use of mannequins, memorabilia from the wars and even visual and sound effects you often feel like you are there and part of the scene.

Sometimes the smell will change and become atmospheric, especially in the street scene hut which smells of sweets. If you have someone with you that is sensitive to strobe lighting those huts that use it warn you about it before you go in.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum

One of our favourite huts has been set out like the interior of a submarine even down to the sounds of the radar. Another has a platform that moves to create the sensation that you are on a boat at sea. Another hut is going through the Blitz and you will see damaged buildings with smoke and sounds of people in distress.

We sometimes take the child-friendly trail around with us which is something we would often pick up to keep him engaged but this place doesn’t need to do that as he loves exploring the huts and seeing what is coming up next. If you are wanting to read more there are plenty of informative boards in the huts. These have clearly been done by someone who cares.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Review Guide

As well as all the huts to wander in and out of they also have items on display outside around the site. There are military vehicles, guns and bunkers that kids can play in. They also have two separate play areas next to each other.

One is for younger children which has recently had some new wooden play equipment installed. The other is for children from about 4-5+. It is set out like a fort with towers and wooden walkways. My son loves running around in here and playing with other kids.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Review Guide
Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum

Eden Camp also holds a number of special events and we loved our visit to see Santa there last year. There is also a huge self-service cafe with a great number of tables inside. The photo below shows only half of it.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Review Guide

Eden Camp FAQ & Further Information

Address: Malton YO17 6RT, North Yorkshire

Category – Museum – Mostly Indoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

An adult ticket costs £12.00, children 5-16 £10. Under 5’s are free and family tickets are available. They also sell annual passes which are very reasonably priced.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Interactive war museum on the site of an old Prisoner of War camp with excellent exhibitions that bring war to life. With toilets and a cafe.

When are they open?

They are open for most of the year but they close over the Christmas period from 23rd December until the second week in January. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving a small choice of hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is a free on-site car park.

Are they dog friendly?

Well behaved dogs on a lead are permitted across the museum, including the display huts and a designated area in the cafe.

Are they accessible?

They have tried to ensure that the museum is accessible to all. Please contact them for further information.

Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Review Guide
Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Review Guide

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