Go Ape Dalby Forest Visitor Guide

I still can’t believe I persuaded my then 5-year-old to try out the Junior course at Go Ape in Dalby Forest. He has tried ropes courses lower to the ground since then but nothing at this height since. I booked our visit on what turned out to be a very cold day and unless there are some pretty adverse weather conditions they don’t normally close the courses.

Go Ape Dalby Forest Things To Do Review

When you arrive at Dalby you want to keep driving past the first car park to your left. Once you’ve passed the visitor centre the car park for Go Ape is then ahead of you on the right. There is the same charge of £9 all day to be paid so make sure you visit one of their machines before you leave.

Before we visited we had watched a couple of videos of the course on YouTube so that my son knew what to expect. The whole experience was a mixture of emotions for him but I was so proud of him for giving it a go. Before we visited he hadn’t been overly confident on play equipment and I’m sure this visit helped with that.

Go Ape Dalby Forest Review

There is a junior course which is called Treetop Adventure and then a much longer, higher and tougher course for those aged 10 and over which is called Treetop challenge.

Being a cold day and our reasonably early arrival we were the first and only ones on the course. On checking in we were handed a wristband and I was loaned a hair bobble to tie my hair back with. We were given a safety sheet to read and then we headed over to our course.

Our course instructors then helped us get our harnesses on. We had four men looking after us. I’d worn a long coat which was totally impractical for the harness but it was so cold that day.

We were then attached to a small training course that helped us feel comfortable with the equipment before we headed to the main trail.

Go Ape Dalby Forest Review

We climbed up some stairs into the trees where we were hooked onto the main wire. There is no way of coming off the wire on the junior course as it is a constant belay system. Luckily my son has no fear of heights so he was more than happy to climb up and get started.

We followed trail one for the newbies which has a guide rope all the way around which you can hold on to for extra balance. Trail two has no guide rope but holding onto your own rope with both hands seemed to help some kids that I spotted later on.

You have an hour and you can just keep going. If your kids are fast they can simply rejoin the course.

We started off at a slow and steady pace. It had rained but the wood wasn’t slippy. There was one section with planks of wood in an L shape that he wasn’t sure about but someone came to help him across and he was super proud of his accomplishments.

Go Ape Dalby Forest Review

I did take my Go Pro but I found myself taking very few photos. The course finishes with a zip wire. This is where my son’s confidence plummeted. The trouble was it was too late for him to turn back he had to do it.

Two of the staff really helped me to convince him to go for it. I even went down first to show him it was OK. One of them offered to go down side by side with him and he managed a perfect landing. We did then attempt trail 2 but he turned back after the second challenge and I couldn’t persuade him to return to trail 1.

He later said that he regretted not trying trail 1 again. I was so proud of him though and he was super proud of himself. It’s certainly something I’d like to try again with him.

The bigger challenge is 50 metres high and it takes around 2-3 hours to navigate your way around. There is a minimum age of 10 years and a minimum height of 1.4 metres. You can also hire Forest Segways for an hour. Participants must be at least 45kg/7 stone in weight.

Dalby Forest

After a session at Go Ape, why not head over to the Dalby visitor centre. There is a cafe and a fantastic play area. You can also pick up walking maps to extend your day out further.

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Go Ape Dalby Forest FAQ & Further Information

Address: North York Moors National Park, Low Dalby, Thornton Dale YO18 7LT, North Yorkshire. Phone: 01603 895500

Category – Treetop rope courses – Outdoors – Suitable from around the age of 4-5 upwards.

What are the ticket prices?

Treetop challenge £33 per person. Treetop adventure £20 per person. Segways £40 per person.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

High rope courses for juniors and over 10’s plus Segways. Dalby is home to play areas, cycling and walking trails. There are toilets at the visitor centre and a cafe.

When are they open?

Go Ape Dalby is open for most of the year. Please visit their website for up-to-date information.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe in the visitor centre that serves hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is parking, a charge applies.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome please contact them for further information.

Are they accessible?

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