Gulliver’s Valley Theme Park Things to do

Gulliver’s Valley is a new theme park in South Yorkshire, part of a chain of English family-friendly theme parks. It opened around July time in 2020 and the park is located near Sheffield. There is a large part of the park now open and they are planning on adding more rides and attractions over the next few years.

There is already lots to do at Gulliver’s Valley with 23 rides, most of which are outdoors plus other things to do indoors and outdoors It’s a great theme park for kids and I would say it’s aimed at children from around 10 years of age and younger.

There isn’t much there to keep your average teenager entertained. The park has a few themed areas including Western World, Lost World, Smugglers Wharf, Toyland and a Build Zone. There is a splash zone coming soon which looks to be a fun outdoor water play area.

You can even stay on-site at Gulliver’s Valley. They have Western cabins, Lost World lodges and a castle-themed hotel with princess and unicorn suites.

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park Things to do

Things To Do At Gulliver’s Valley

We spent a good few hours at Gulliver’s Valley and aside from one indoor spooky maze we didn’t venture into the large soft play areas. Dragon’s Peak is the main indoor play area with a large soft play structure, climbing walls and even caves that kids can crawl through.

Younger kids will love Gully’s Town Grand Prix, a themed area with things to ride on. There is also Gully Town crazy golf and two or three rides aimed at toddlers. I will update you more about this area when we return later this year. I will make sure that we explore the indoor area next time we visit.

If your kids aren’t into rides there are also some outdoor play areas. There is a play structure in the Lost World area plus a pirate play area in Smugglers Wharf. Western world also has a playground and there are a few animals to see in their mini-farm. My son loved Bank Heist in Western World which is a series of themed buildings all running into one.

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park

Some of the rides at Gulliver’s Valley have height restrictions, there was even one my tall 7-year-old couldn’t go on as he was too tall! In Lost World, you will find a few of the parks thrill rides.

There is Gyrosaur which looks to be the scariest of them all. It turns you around 360 degrees in the air. Children must be 120cms to ride. Another of the thrill rides is T-Rex Tower. This is a mega waterslide where you sit in rafts, children must be 90cms to ride and may have to ride with an adult.

Gullivers Valley

The Lost World river ride is a sedate ride in a circular boat where you get to see dinosaurs. My son was quite insistent that he was riding on this alone which they can do over 120cm. Children under 120cm must ride with an adult. I even managed to get him on Pterosaur Turmoil which is essentially a flying carpet type ride that he usually won’t go on, maybe the dinosaur theme helped! We wanted to go on their swing ride but the queue was always too long. Children must be 90cm for both of the last two rides that I have mentioned.

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park Things to do

In Smugglers Wharf there is a barrel ride that wasn’t spinning (maybe due to covid hygiene) this is for all children. There is also a pirate ship that isn’t too large to be scary, children must be 90cm. Crocodile Creek is the water ride my son was too tall for (only for children 90-120cm).

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park Things to do

Younger rides that all the family can go on are the Lilliput carousel, Toyland Ferris Wheel, Jumbo jetters, Sioux City Express train, Build-Zone Diggers and the Tombstone mine ride. Other rides with varying height restrictions are the Frantic Fire Trucks, Desperado drop, Prarie Ponies and the Rocky Ridge Railway. There is also the Apache falls which is a rapid ride that you will most probably get pretty wet on.

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park Things to do
Gulliver's Valley Theme Park
Gulliver's Valley Theme Park

One thing my son loved which isn’t mentioned on their website is a laser tag area. It’s outdoors and it’s a themed area where kids and adults can run and hide from each other while trying to score points. I’ll admit the spirit of the game was lost on me and I won victoriously against four kids.

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park

Gulliver’s Valley holds a number of themed events and they also often have shows in their theatre. There are a number of eating options including fast food kiosks, a cafe and a restaurant where you can watch the theatre shows.

Gulliver’s Valley FAQ & Further Information

Address: Mansfield Rd, Sheffield, S26 5QW, South Yorkshire

Category – Theme Park – Indoors and Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

Depending on when you book will depend on the cost of your ticket. Tickets can range from £15 per person up to £25. If you visit during an event the price increases on the normal entrance fee. It is free to park.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Theme park with 5 different areas, indoors play area with crazy golf, rides and more. Outdoors there are another 20 rides and other play areas. There are toilets and places to eat.

When are they open?

Gulliver’s Valley is open for most of the spring and summer with selected opening over autumn and winter. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe, a restaurant and kiosks serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is a large on-site car park.

Are they dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

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