Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review

For Christmas, we bought our son an Adventure Book for 2022. In it, he can pop photos and souvenirs of places that we are going to visit this year. It also has in it 1 thing to do each month that we wouldn’t normally do, sort of like an ongoing Christmas present.

This month it was VIP Bowling. We love bowling as a family but rarely go as the cost of bowling really pains us. Obviously VIP bowling costs even more so it’s not something we would do. It cost us £47.20 for the three of us for 2 games each, a pitcher of diet coke (as apparently, it was cheaper than two diet cokes) and the VIP lane.

Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review Guide

There are 5 Hollywood Bowl locations in Yorkshire. Hull, York, Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford. We live closest to the Hull branch so this is where I booked. Like many of the Hollywood Bowl’s in the UK, it is in a large and pretty new purpose-built building. They are located in an out-of-town retail area with shops, restaurants and a cinema nearby.

To book VIP bowling you have to ring their dedicated VIP phone line. You can not book VIP bowling online. You might be able to upgrade when you visit if there is availability.

Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review

The VIP lanes have comfy padded seating which the regular lanes didn’t have. You are supposed to have pool style bowling balls which we sadly didn’t have, they were the same as the regular lanes. Your pins are also coloured which the regular lanes don’t have.

When I called I asked specifically for VIP bowling. They ran through the booking with me and then asked if I wanted to upgrade to VIP for £1 extra (this was per game per person but this wasn’t explained). I was a little confused by this so I said yes as obviously we wanted VIP bowling.

I had thought that we would get all of the booth to ourselves. Instead, we ended up sharing it with two teenage girls. There was a screen separating our seats but we shared the same bowling balls. This to me is not VIP bowling and I was really disappointed by this. Surely VIP bowling means you get the balls and the VIP booth to yourselves?

Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review

This is the VIP booth photographed below that we shared as there were two teenagers opposite us. The VIP experience also means that if you fancy some nibbles or drinks you can call for assistance. Someone will then come and take your order and then bring your drinks and a card machine for payment.

Other upgrades with the VIP experience include red velvet curtains, a VIP rope (that we didn’t have in place) and a storage area for our belongings.

Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review

There are screens on each of the lanes, VIP or regular bowling, where you can enter your names. You can also select or deselect bumpers and there’s even an option to add a photo. This displays your scores along with the screen above the lane.

Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review
Hollywood Bowl Hull VIP Bowling Review

As mentioned above we paid £47.20 for 2 games for 3 people, the VIP upgrade and the pitcher of diet coke. Prices can vary on their website for regular bowling according to when you visit. Two games for 3 normally would cost from £27.54 to £38.20. Plus £6 extra for VIP bowling for 3.

My son loved the whole experience and I don’t think he noticed the issues I have picked up on. For my husband and I, it wasn’t really the VIP experience we’d hoped for. While I wasn’t expecting to be treated like a superstar I had hoped that it would be more ‘private’. If you were paying for unlimited bowling and there was enough of you to take up two lanes together in the one booth then I think it could be really fun and certainly worth doing.

You can book unlimited bowling for up to 4 people for £44. The VIP upgrade would cost £3 per person.

Hollywood Bowl Hull FAQ & Further Information

Address: Kingswood Retail Park, Gibraltar Rd, Hull HU7 3DB, East Yorkshire. Phone: 0203 305 8522

Category – Bowling – Indoors – Suitable from the age of around 3-4 and over

What are the ticket prices?

VIP Bowling costs the regular price plus £1 each per game. Our two games cost around £42.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

VIP Bowling with comfier seats, waitress service and different coloured pins. There are toilets and a restaurant.

When are they open?

Hollywood Bowl Hull is open almost all year round. Please visit their booking page for up-to-date information.

Is there food available?

There is a restaurant serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is free on-site parking.

Are they accessible?

Please contact the venue.

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