Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide

Honeysuckle Farm is the only dedicated farm park in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is located on the outskirts of the popular seaside town of Hornsea. We had never been before so I was keen to visit, especially as you are allowed to feed their animals which my son loves to do and he doesn’t really enjoy visiting farm parks now if he can’t feed the animals.

Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide Visitor Guide

They have plenty of parking at the farm. We arrived 15 minutes after opening and I got the last space in their main car park. They do also have a massive overflow car park in a field that is a bit of a walk away from reception. They have some disabled spaces but they were all taken. As you can’t prebook it is payment on arrival and they take both cards and cash.

Make sure you purchase a bucket of four-legged food and a tub of fish food. These are £1 each and we later bought the same again as there are plenty of animals to feed. If you are visiting make sure you feed the animals first and in the morning as they aren’t anywhere near as hungry after around lunchtime.

The first place you come to is their indoor barn. This is huge and inside there were their large horses that they usually use for the horse and cart rides. They also had loads and I mean loads of goats. There were so many to feed and they ranged in age and size. My son was so happy feeding them and they were all so friendly and gentle, many also enjoyed a stroke. We also saw rabbits and cows in the barn and I believe they usually have milking demonstrations.

Honeysuckle Farm

In the centre of the barn, there are many bales of straw set out with a space between them all. This area was really popular with the kids and my son loved leaping from bale to bale. There is also a smaller open barn here with more bales of straw which we found to be quieter than the larger barn.

Honeysuckle Farm

You can then go left or head right, both ways take you on a loop of the park. We headed left which took us to a field with donkeys, a large goat, geese and then hundreds of sheep. Their sheep are really cute and very hungry, there were so many mouths to feed!

Honeysuckle Farm
Honeysuckle Farm

After the sheep, you enter a wooded area with den building and then further along are their ponds with some really big fish to feed. What’s different about this is that there are grates over the water, you can literally feed the fish as they swim under your feet.

On from here, there is a hedge maze. It was relatively easy to find the middle. There are a few things to play on here with some of their many picnic tables. There are picnic tables dotted around most of the park. My son’s favourite here was a big tube slide.

Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide

Further on from here they have a series of wooden play forts for different age ranges. There are more tube slides and things to climb on. It was nice how they blended in with the woods and there was plenty of natural play within the woods.

Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide
Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide

This area was where we found their poultry and a very noisy and rather hilarious turkey. The final play area is a series of tube tunnels with hills that is a great play area for kids of all ages. We did about half of everything I mentioned above on our first turn round. We then stopped for some lunch before going back around again and doing what we’d missed (plus we fed more of their animals although many were no longer hungry).

Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide

We spent around 3 hours at the farm. There is nowhere else near home that we can feed animals and enjoy so many different play areas. If you do visit after a lot of rain make sure you take your wellies.

Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide FAQ & Further Information

Address: Bewholme Ln, Hornsea HU18 1BY, East Yorkshire. Phone: 01964 533873

Category – Farm Park – Outdoors – Suitable for most ages

What are the ticket prices?

Adults £5.50, children 3-15 £5.00. Children under 3 are free.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Farm park with animals you can feed, lots of outdoor play areas, a maze, fish you can feed and more. There are toilets and a cafe.

When are they open?

They are open for Easter and May school holidays plus weekends in May. They are mostly open weekends in June, then all of July and August and the first few days of September. For up-to-date opening times please visit their website.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving sandwiches, snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Is there parking?

There is free on-site parking.

Are they dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

Please contact the venue.

Honeysuckle Farm Review Guide

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