Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids

I’m not even entirely sure where or when I first heard about Mallyan Spout Waterfall in Goathland. I tried to do some research before we visited but I struggled to find out more.

We ended up doing a long circular walk down to Mallyan Spout, across to Beck Hole, then on to Thomason Foss waterfall and then back up to Goathland. It was a long but rewarding day. Ideally though with kids, you don’t want to be attempting both waterfalls on the same day.

For that reason, I am writing about how to get to Mallyan Spout waterfall from Goathland, what it’s like and what you can expect. This is a relatively easy walk down and back up the way you came. With kids, this is more than doable.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids

There are two places to park for Mallyan Spout. The first and where the locals would prefer you to park is in the village of Goathland close to the shops and tearooms. This is also where the council-run pay and display car park is plus the public toilets.

This is where we parked and it is worth parking there as the village is really pretty. It only cost £3.50 for all-day parking. Did you know the village was used in the fictional TV series ‘Heartbeat’? Many landmarks are still in the village today.

From the car park and the centre of the village, it is a short walk up to the Mallyan Hotel. It’s a lovely walk and well worth doing, not just to see the village but so that you are parked safely.

We even passed some sheep that were loose on the road which my son thought was wonderful. The walk is possible from the North Yorkshire Moors Goathland station but I would recommend allowing a good few hours so you don’t miss your return train.

Parking at the Mallyan Hotel is not permitted unless you are staying or eating there. I guess if you are having a meal there they shouldn’t mind you parking in their car park to also access the waterfall.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids

Because parking isn’t permitted there were a lot of cars on the roadside close to the hotel which looked a bit chaotic and I wouldn’t recommend that option. We would certainly return with the hope to eat there as it looked like a lovely place to visit.

Alongside the wall to the hotel, on the far right, you will find the public footpath down to Mallyan Spout. There were lots of sheep hanging around here on the grass and by the road.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids

The path down is relatively steep and set in woodland. It is not accessible for pushchairs or wheelchairs. I didn’t really time how long it took us from the hotel down to the actual waterfall but it was probably around half an hour, possibly less.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids

Once you can’t walk any further you reach the beck and the path heads off to the left for the waterfall or right to Beck Hole. We stopped at this spot for a paddle in the beck, there’s also a bench where we later sat and had our lunch. It’s a really idyllic spot and although the water isn’t shallow enough to paddle away from the water’s edge it was a lovely spot.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids
Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland With Kids

From here the walk to the waterfall is just a few hundred metres. You can’t see the waterfall without scrambling over some large rocks and boulders. It is only to be attempted by the sure-footed and younger kids will have to do a fair amount of climbing and scrambling.

Where it is easy for us to step from boulder to boulder my son’s 6-year-old legs weren’t quite long enough. But it was easier than the walk to Falling Foss waterfall and easier than our walk to Thomason Foss Waterfall.

We spent an awful lot of time waiting for other people to pass so this can certainly take up a lot of your time. Some of the really young children were getting quite upset by the challenge and one had white pumps on which really wasn’t suitable footwear for the walk. Your kids will always be more confident in sturdy walking shoes.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland
Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland

Mallyan Spout waterfall is really beautiful. It’s not a full cascading waterfall, more a soft flow of fine water down the hillside. It’s idyllic with all the lush vegetation and the cascades of water to the right of the waterfall. It is the tallest waterfall in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland
Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland
Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland

We found a giant rock to sit on and watch the world go by. The water was deep and fast flowing close to the waterfall so it’s not suitable for paddling. We did notice some people scrambled a bit further upstream. Had we have had the time we’d have done the same.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland

Once we were ready to leave we headed back the way we came and took the path to Beck Hole. Here you would instead want to turn right back up the hill to the Mallyan Hotel and back up to the village of Goathland. A reward would certainly be lunch or a drink at the hotel.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall Goathland FAQ & Further Information

Address: Goathland, Whitby YO22 5AN (this is the address of the hotel where you access the path down to the waterfall, parking is only permitted here if you are eating at or staying at the hotel) For the public car park please head into the village.

Category: Great Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

The waterfall is free to visit.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Walk in the pretty village of Goathland down to the idyllic Mallyan Spout. Find out how to get to the waterfall. There are facilities within the village.

When are they open?

Access to Mallyan Spout is all year round

Is there food available?

There are places to purchase food and drinks in the village.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is a council pay and display car park which costs just £3.50 for all-day parking.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome.

Are they accessible?

No. The pathway is not suitable for wheelchairs or puschairs.

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