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Monk Park Farm is a perfect day out for animal-loving children (and adults). We visited during the summer and after a couple of disappointing farm park visits elsewhere this place really cheered us up. To me, a farm park should be somewhere where you can interact with the animals. Monk Park Farm offers all of that and more.

Let me start by saying that you can never have enough food. We bought just one large bag for 50. It didn’t last very long! There were so many animals waiting to be fed. It wasn’t a particularly quiet day so you’d assume with plenty of people feeding the animals they wouldn’t be particularly bothered. Wrong! If you go in the morning you can expect to have a never-ending supply of animals to feed.

Monk Park Farm | Visitor Guide

Monk Park Farm | Review Guide

We started our visit in the animal barn. This is their only indoors section which has a small hay barn at the back where children can swing and play on the bales of hay. There were already animals wandering about here there and everywhere. They do mostly have pens but the goats didn’t want to stay in their pens. There was also a large free-roaming pig that my son thought was the best thing ever.

Monk Park Farm | Visitor Guide
Monk Park Farm | Visitor Guide

We soon emptied our first bag of food feeding all the animals in here. They had a baby alpaca and kid goats as well. Another highlight in here is the guinea pigs that they have out twice a day. They pop them on a wall with some grass and you can take it in turns to sit and stroke them or help feed them grass. It was a real treat and my son could have happily sat there all day (needless to say we went back twice more in the afternoon).

Monk Park Farm | Visitor Guide
Monk Park Farm | Visitor Guide

I went back to the entrance to purchase two more bags of food and we set off around the fields. Our first stop was some ducks that were freely wandering around and two of the friendliest sheep we’ve ever met. We then headed down to the top fields where we soon used up our other two bags of food. The animals in the fields tend to have food shutes where you put the food and then they collect it at the bottom. Some of the animals have signs saying they can’t be fed.

Monk Park Farm

There’s different kinds of sheep, ponies, cows, donkeys, alpacas, goats and even deer (although they were a long way from the fence).

We decided to leave the lower fields for after lunch and headed to the cafe to warm up with a yummy hot lunch. You can take a picnic but this can only be eaten at the outdoor picnic benches.

After lunch we purchased another two – yes two – more bags of food. We had another visit to the indoor barn and then headed around the fields. It’s quite a walk and with all the animal stops we did along the way it took us over an hour. There’s also a small wooden play area near the lake. There was lots of geese and ducks to feed including some adorable Indian runner ducks that followed us for ages. You return to the farm via a woodland walk where we really wished we had our wellies.

Monk Park Farm
Monk Park Farm
Monk Park Farm

We had one final visit in the animal barn and then my son had a play on their playground. He didn’t find it particularly suited to his age (7) but he loved the peddle go-karts. Their barrel ride wasn’t running. This has an additional small charge of £2.00 each when it is running.

Monk Park Farm playground

Important Information about Monk Park Farm

Address: Green Ln, Bagby, Thirsk YO7 2AG, North Yorkshire

Car parking at Monk Park Farm – There is adequate free parking.

Monk Park Farm Prices – It’s just £7.50 for an adult and £6.50 for a child or a senior. Under 2’s are free. Family tickets are available.

Can you purchase an annual pass for Monk Park Farm? – There are no annual passes offered.

Facilities at Monk Park Farm: Farm park with lots of animals to feed and stroke. Indoor animal barn and fields of animals. Plus two play areas, go-karts and a barrel ride. There are toilets on-site and a cafe.

Opening Times: They are open for most of the year but they close in December and January. For up to date opening times and dates please visit their website.

Accessibility – There is no mention on their website. We noticed that places had wheelchair access but the paths around the fields can get muddy.

Is Monk Park Farm Dog Friendly: Due to the roaming nature of some of their animals they do not allow dogs.

Are there places to picnic at Monk Park Farm: Yes there are a few picnic tables near the main playground.

Category: Farm Park – Mostly Outdoors – suitable for all ages

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