Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

If you’ve ever watched the hit ITV series Ninja Warrior UK you will understand the concept of the Leeds Ninja Warrior UK adventure venue. On the show, there is a series of tough challenges that contestants have to cross, mostly over water to reach the ultimate goal of being the quickest Ninja Warrior. Most of the competition rounds also finish with an almost vertical wall that contestants have to run up and get to the top of. Well, now your kids (and yourselves) can have a go at being a Ninja, minus the water.

Ninja Warrior has opened a few of these venues across the UK and they are a fun family-friendly place to visit. You can book one or two hour sessions. This venue is located on the outskirts of the city centre off the main ring road of Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Ninja Warrior UK Leeds Review

They recommend that children from the age of 4 can take part. At the weekends I’d be hesitant of letting smaller kids join in as it got really busy, although it was a lot quieter between 10-11 am. This venue also has a HUGE inflatable theme park area which at times was incredibly busy and it might be overwhelming and possibly dangerous for younger kids.

Because it has an inflatable area you have to wear the kind of socks that you wear at trampoline parks. You can bring your own, purchase in advance or purchase when you arrive. I bought my son a Ninja Warrior pack that included branded socks, a headband and a wristband plus gloves. These were essential for him as his hands and face sweat a lot and I think he’d have enjoyed himself a lot less without them. You can purchase these items separately, I paid £9 for the pack.

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

At Ninja Warrior, they let people in every half hour and I can highly recommend getting there at 10 am. This session wasn’t too busy and they had really easy access to all the equipment. The 10:30 session wasn’t too bad either but from 11 am onwards it was heaving.

You need to arrive around 15 minutes before your session. You all congregate in a room and await your briefing. There are lockers in here should you need them. The briefing was a bit of a waste of energy as hardly anyone listened and we could barely hear the chap talking.

You are then free to enter the big arena. It’s a huge space and to keep everyone joining in from overheating it’s pretty cold so wrap up if you’re not taking part. My Mum and I were there as spectators and there was no cost for watching. You can watch people on the Ninja course but if you want to go in with them you will need a spectator wristband which they limit the numbers of. There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks and a huge number of picnic tables.

There are another two areas with tables than in the photo below and when we left they were all pretty much taken. But as people are restricted to an hour or two hours you may find that people leave every half hour.

Ninja Warrior Leeds
Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

As I hadn’t paid for myself to go on anything the pic above is the best photo I could get of the inflatable area. This photo apparently doesn’t do it justice as it went on and on and on. My son would go in there and not come out for a very long time. This area has something for all ages as little ones will struggle on the Ninja course.

I have read a review from someone complaining that it didn’t feel very ‘safe’ with regards to covid. They defended themselves saying they regularly cleaned high contact surfaces and there was plenty of hand sanitiser. Honestly, I didn’t notice either. The number of people didn’t bother me but I can’t speak for everyone. They also have huge areas for where the toilets are with nothing in them and then just three toilets. They only take cards ‘due to covid’ which seems odd for a place rammed full of people that felt no different pre covid.

The Ninja course has three long sections of obstacles, these range in difficulty. There was only one section that my 8-year-old felt comfortable on as he needed more upper body strength for the second line and he had no hope of trying the third.

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review
Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

For the first hour, he could easily access the course and he loved going round and round. Each of the three courses has the little stands to jump to and from just like on the TV show (but smaller). He is a massive fan of the show and all through his time on the course he had a massive smile on his face. He was truly in his element. You have to wear shoes on the Ninja warrior courses but there are cubby holes to pop your shoes for when you want to go on the inflatables.

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

Pre covid we had visited Agility in York which has a Ninja course. It’s different but similar and I have to say that the one in York was much better managed. It felt like there just weren’t enough staff at Ninja Warrior to make sure everyone was using the equipment as instructed. From 11 am it was pretty much bedlam with kids retrying sections and causing queues, kids pushing ahead of each other and getting in the way of the adults trying the harder course.

At the end of each of the three obstacle sections, you can attempt to “beat the wall”. Each of the walls gets that bit harder and I even saw some small kids managing to get up the harder wall. My son could easily manage the first wall and he just about managed the second. He LOVED this part of the course and there were many kids in this area trying and trying to beat the wall.

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

They also had about three lots of birthday parties happening at the same time and the crowding of the kids that all knew each other was also causing issues.

I don’t have any close-up photos of the other two parts of the Ninja course due to there always being people on the equipment. They are a lot more challenging and you will need strong arms. Below are a couple more photos of the easier of the three sets of challenges.

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review
Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds Review

All in all my son LOVED his experience. It was too busy from 11-12 so when we return, as I’m sure we will I’m only going to book 10-11 and we’ll go and do something else after. Unless the venue starts to be a bit stricter with numbers and put some more staff on the equipment to ensure fair play I think we will avoid the busier times. There must be a solution to how busy it got.

It’s funny because I wasn’t going to write this review to criticise them as my son loved it and we enjoyed watching him and everyone else. But the more I wrote about it the more I felt things weren’t quite right and something needed to be said. I, as always, provide my readers with constructive reviews so this is just that.

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Leeds FAQ & Further Information

Address: Ramshead Approach, Seacroft, Leeds LS14 1NH, West Yorkshire

Category – Ninja Warrior Course and Inflatable Theme Park – Indoors – Suitable from the age of 4

What are the ticket prices?

1 hour weekend session is £11 per person. 2 hours £16.50 per person, other pricing options are available.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Indoor Ninja Warrior course themed on the ITV show with an inflatable theme park area, there are toilets and a cafe.

When are they open?

Their trails and opening times vary throughout the year. Please visit their website for up-to-date information.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is a free on-site car park.

Are they accessible?

Please contact the venue

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