North Landing Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

The North Landing in Flamborough, East Yorkshire, is the smallest of four beaches in this seaside village. It is located on the north side and a few minutes drive from the centre. It is also a popular spot for walkers and there are cliff paths going off in either direction. The beach itself has the best sand of the four and it is an inlet surrounded by white cliffs which are popular with nesting seabirds.

North Landing Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

North Landing Beach Flamborough

The beach is sometimes mistaken for Thornwick Bay. It is at the end of the road which has a turning to Thornwick Bay and also the Haven owned Thornwick Bay caravan park. If you wanted to walk from one beach to the other it takes around half an hour via cliffs or pavement and paved road.

At the end of the road there is a council-run pay and display car park. Parking here isn’t expensive. It’s around £2 to park all day. There are some public toilets but they are very basic and aren’t always open. There is a cafe next to the car park with better toilet facilities. Their ice-cream van is also often parked here.

Like all of the beaches in Flamborough, the walk down to the beach is steep. It’s relatively easy to walk down though with a tarmac road all the way down (not easily accessible by wheelchair or pushchair). The beach is used by fishermen to launch their fishing boats so the road has to be kept in good condition.

North Landing Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide
North Landing Beach Flamborough Review

Please be aware that you are not allowed to drive down to the beach and the road is for licensed fishing boats only. There is no parking at the bottom. The walk back up is harder but certainly more doable than the other beaches. There are no facilities down at the beach itself nor are there ever any lifeguards.

Dogs are permitted on North Landing beach all year round. There is a hefty fine for anyone who doesn’t clean up after their dog.

The beach itself is picture-perfect, especially if the fishing boats are there. There is a small cave to the left of the beach. Our son loves to climb the cliff next to this as it has lots of ledges. If there is seaweed on the beach it may be a bit smelly.

North Landing Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

Like all the beaches on this coast, the amount of sand and the potential for rock pooling is controlled by the tide. At high tide, most of the beach disappears, sometimes all of it. It’s worth checking the tide times before you visit. Once the tide has gone out there are some great opportunities to hunt for crabs in the rock pools that are left behind.

North Landing Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide
North Landing Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide
North Landing Beach Flamborough Review

You can find out more about the other three beaches in Flamborough via these links – Selwicks Bay, South Landing, Thornwick Bay.

Important Information about Flamborough North Landing

Address: Flamborough Road, Flamborough, Bridlington YO15 1BJ, East Yorkshire

Car parking at North Landing – There is a council-run car park. This can be busy so arrive early.

Flamborough North Landing Prices – The beach is free to visit. There is a small charge to park.

Facilities at Flamborough North Landing: The beach has no facilities. There are toilets and a cafe at the top of the cliff next to the car park.

Opening Times: The beach is accessible all year round, pay attention to tide times before you visit.

Accessibility – Although there is a road down it is very steep and not smooth near the bottom. I wouldn’t recommend wheelchairs attempt it.

Is Flamborough North Landing Dog Friendly: Dogs are permitted all year round.

Category: Beach, suitable for all ages.

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