Planet Circus OMG Scarborough’s annual circus Review

Finally, we made it to Scarborough’s annual circus the Planet Circus OMG. I have been promising to take our son for years now but we never got round to it. This year I wasn’t going to let him down and we visited the other day. We loved it so much that this will hopefully become a yearly event for us. The show was so good it got a standing ovation. I even overheard one Dad exclaiming that “I was never expecting it to be that good, that was amazing”.

Never have I heard our son laugh so much out loud and never have I heard him say wow, that’s amazing so many times. If you are in the area and you enjoy watching stunts and acrobatics then please try and fit in time for the OMG Planet Circus, I bet you can’t watch it without saying OMG!

Planet Circus OMG Scarborough's annual circus Review

Planet Circus OMG Review Scarborough

Planet Circus OMG Scarborough's annual circus Review

Sorry for the lack of photos for this review post. For reasons of safety, they don’t permit mobile phones nor any photography during the show.

If you’ve ever driven to Scarborough in the summer from the south you should have spotted the large circus tent by a roundabout on the A165 Bridlington to Scarborough road. The Planet Circus OMG visits Scarborough for every summer season that I’ve known of. I believe the show changes each year but I would imagine that each year they pretty much feature a high energy theme of acrobatics and stunts.

The circus is not in Scarborough itself and is instead a good 10-minute drive from the town centre. It is very close to the Flower of May holiday park and just a short drive from 3 of Haven’s sites: Primrose Valley, Blue Dolphin and Reighton Sands plus Park Resorts Cayton Bay holiday park.

There are two shows every day and showtimes can vary day to day. We went mid-week when they had a 4 pm performance plus a 7 pm performance. The shows start earlier at the weekend. They also have a number of special offers such as kids go free and buy one get one free but these can’t be booked online. We booked online and they were probably only around 3/4 full.

Planet Circus OMG Scarborough's annual circus Review

The circus ring itself is very small but most of the acts perform high in the air. We arrived 25 minutes early and we had plenty of time to purchase some food and drinks. There was a small portable toilet block plus places to purchase burgers, popcorn, slush and candy floss. We purchased candy floss and slush which were £3 each. We can highly recommend the orange slush, it was one of the best we’ve ever had.

Planet Circus OMG Scarborough's annual circus Review
Planet Circus OMG Scarborough's annual circus Review

The show itself lasted for 45 minutes, then there was a 15-minute interval and the show then went on for a further 60 minutes. They do take cash and cards although they were encouraging cash as their card machine struggles with reception.

There are three seating options. There are the more expensive ringside tickets which are the seats right in front of the action. These cost around £20 for an adult, £18 for a child. Then you have the Grandstand seats that cost just under £15 for an adult and just over £12 for a child. These are on the next level up from the ringside and are central to the ring.

The final pricing tier is the side view or rearview. These cost around £10 for an adult and £9 for a child. These were by far the most cramped in and sold out of the tickets, followed by the ringside and then the grandstand. The benches weren’t comfy but there was plenty of legroom. We were told where to sit but we did later move to somewhere with fewer people around. There was some ventilation but if you are concerned about covid you may want to wear a mask or stay away.

You can expect lots of different acrobatic acts. Many saw women plunging from great heights with just a rope around their leg or hand to save them. One lady even flew freely across the audience’s heads before reaching for a small dangling rope. The audience, including us, were gasping, cheering, whistling, clapping and laughing. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and considering the tent wasn’t full the atmosphere made it feel full.

There was no clown, however, the ringmaster did a few acts where he involved the audience. There was much hilarity and as I don’t want to spoil the jokes for you let’s just say that he was very funny and all the family will get the jokes.

There was also juggling, a crossbow act and more. The real highlight of the show was the death-defying Globe of death. Think one pretty small metal ball, insert 4 men on motorbikes and watch them do the impossible as they ride their bikes round and round and even upside down. This was truly awesome and the finale of the show was them driving up a ramp and flying over the Globe of death then landing on a giant inflatable. I have never seen anything like it and we were in total awe of them. Wow and OMG!

The cheering and applauding must make them feel so proud especially the standing ovation. I am so pleased we finally made it and we are already looking forward to the summer season in 2022. The 2021 season ran from the 3rd week in July until the 5th of September. It is then heading to Hull, Goole and Kirkby-in-Ashfield,

Planet Circus OMG Scarborough's annual circus Review
Photo credit Planet Circus

Planet Circus OMG FAQ & Further Information

Address: Filey Road, Opposite The Plough Inn, Scarborough, YO11 3NX, North Yorkshire

Category – Circus – Indoors – Suitable for all ages.

What are the ticket prices?

Ringside – around £20 for an adult, £18 for a child. Grandstand seats just under £15 for an adult and just over £12 for a child. Side view or rearview around £10 for an adult and £9 for a child.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Circus in a big top with a number of acrobatic and stunt acts including motorbikes in the Globe of Death. There are toilets and places to purchase food and drink, with limited options.

When are they open?

The summer season runs from around the 3rd week in July until the end of the first week in September before moving to other locations.

Is there food available?

There is somewhere to purchase limited hot food, candy floss, popcorn and drinks including slush.

Is there parking?

There is free on-site parking.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are not permitted.

Are they accessible?

Accessible seating can be made available. Please ring them on 07563-727-206 for further information.

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  1. Stacie Duncan dove
    Stacie Duncan dove

    What an amazing show. Evey single performer did fantastic, my two year old daughter loved it. Would definitely go back and it was well worth the price.

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