Posey Pacas | Alpaca Walking – A Great Gift

Do you love to give the gift of an experience rather than a physical gift? If so Alpaca walking should be high on your list. We last walked an alpaca around 3 years ago with my Mum and we loved it. This time we walked an alpaca at Posey Pacas in Tong, near Bradford, West Yorkshire.

We always said we’d do it again. I was choosing something to do to celebrate my late Dad’s 70th birthday. As although he is no longer with us we wanted to have a nice day in his honour and not stay at home and be sad.

There’s something about alpacas, something infectious, that makes you happy and we love the experience of being in their company. They’re one of the most gentlest animals around humans and each have their own unique personality. I would own one if I could.

Posey Pacas | Alpaca Walking - A Great Gift

They currently have 3 different packages available at Posey Pacas. I will mention them in more detail in the Important Information section below. I bought our voucher in advance and then contacted them with my chosen date which I had seen was available on their website. They replied straight away via Facebook and we were given a time slot on our chosen day.

There are a few places in Yorkshire where you can walk Alpacas. Out of the handful that there is only a couple allow children under 12. Children under 12 are allowed to help walk an alpaca at Posey Pacas, but as they are strong animals they can’t walk one by themselves. I think it’s a shame, not all places let younger children help their respective adults to walk an alpaca. Our alpaca clearly loved my son being there with us.

I sooooo failed at alpaca selfies - this was the best of 7
I sooooo failed at alpaca selfies – this was the best of 7

Posey Pacas | Alpaca Walking – A Great Gift

Posey Alpaca’s is located on a working farm and there are some very old farm buildings on the site. They operate out of a cabin and there are no additional facilities. When we arrived they came to our car and handed us a form to sign. We then followed them to the paddock where we were told how to hold their reign and other important information.

Posey Pacas | Alpaca Walking - A Great Gift

We then set off on a one hour walk around the forest next to the farm. The path is mostly gravel and goes up and down dale. We had chosen a private walk so we stopped for photos when we wanted to. Although sometimes the alpacas had other ideas. All of their alpacas are rehomed and both of ours loved having their necks rubbed.

Posey Pacas | Alpaca Walking - A Great Gift

My 6 year old was really taken with our alpaca Ace. He was petting and cuddling him for most of the way round. When they eventually stopped for a photo the alpaca leaned in for a kiss. He also did the same when he said bye. I tried the same – he wasn’t interested in the slightest. I wasn’t offended, honest!

Getting a kiss from an alpaca
Getting a kiss from an alpaca

There were two members of staff that accompanied us on our walk. They were both very knowledgeable and it was great to be able to find out more about these loveable animals. When we finished our walk we were allowed to feed a group of alpacas some food. This was a nice touch at the end.

Feeding the alpacas at Posey Pacas

Important Information about Posey Pacas

Address: Home farm, Tong, Bradford BD4 0RR

Car parking at Posey Pacas – There is enough parking for their customers and parking is free

Posey Paca Prices – A private walk the same as ours for two people (plus children under 12 years) costs £70.

For £25 you can walk an alapaca in a group. This is £25 per person and they require a minimum of 2 per booking. You can also book a meet and greet for 2 people for £18.00. Packages may change.

Under 5’s are free and children under 12 are required to accompany an adult. We did not have to pay extra for our 6 year old on the private walk.

Facilities at Posey Pacas: Currently there are no other facilities. If you need to use a toilet there is one at Tong garden centre two minutes down the road.

Opening Times: Booking an alpaca experience or walk is dependant on what days and dates they have available. If you want a specific date it is a good idea to contact them before paying for your experience.

Accessiblity – Although the paths are mostly loose gravel you would struggle with a pushchair and it would be a no go for a wheelchair.

Is Posey Pacas Dog Friendly: Dogs are not allowed

Category: Animal Experience, suitable for all ages – even teenagers

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