Roundhay Park Leeds | Visitor Guide

Did you know that Roundhay Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire is one of the biggest city parks in Europe? It’s a massive 700 acres and it’s somewhere you can easily spend a good few hours. It’s so big it needs signposts within it as we felt very lost when we visited. We had printed out a map online but we still felt lost.

Roundhay Park Leeds | Visitor Guide

Roundhay Park Leeds | Visitor Guide

We visited Roundhay Park after visiting Tropical World. Roundhay park is free to visit and it’s even free to park at. There’s a good few car parks listed on the council website for Roundhay Park.

Tropical World Leeds
Tropical World

You can easily visit the park by bus which might be an idea if you are local rather than trying to find a place to park your car. We parked at Princes Avenue next to one of the playgrounds and just a short walk from Tropical World.

Roundhay park has a few formal gardens of which we didn’t find all. It also has vast rolling green park areas. The top part of the park sits on a big hill, if you want to get to the bottom the only way down (and back up again) is via this hill. It’s a big one so be prepared. There is a land train but sadly it doesn’t go to the higher of the two playgrounds. The Land train starts at Lakeside Cafe and runs up Carriage Drive and along Middle Walk, to the Park gates and then does a return journey. It costs £1.50 for a single and £2.00 for a return.

Roundhay Park Leeds | Visitor Guide
Roundhay Park Leeds | Visitor Guide

The top playground has a skate park and a good choice of things for kids to climb, swing and slide on.

Roundhay Park Leeds playground
Roundhay Park Leeds playground

The playground lower down near the big lake is newer and themed on a castle and also has a train to play on. It’s nice but we found both playgrounds too busy. We also struggled a bit to find toilets, although the cafes do have them.

Roundhay Park Leeds playground
Roundhay Park Leeds playground

There are two lakes at Roundhay park, both are great for feeding the ducks, swans and geese. There are a huge number of swans living on the bottom lake. If you haven’t brought any safe food with you they sell it by the bag in the lakeside cafe. The top lake is a lot smaller and easier to walk around. The bottom lake is huge and could take at least an hour to walk around.

Roundhay Park Lake
Roundhay Park Leeds top lake
Roundhay Park Leeds bottom lake

Close to the top lake, underneath a bridge, there is a pretty waterfall. You can also follow the paths round to a folly built-in 1812 in the shape of a small castle. If you haven’t brought a picnic and are feeling peckish there is a cafe at Tropical World, plus a cafe down by the lakeside. There is also a pub and a restaurant. Not all are run by the council.

Roundhay Park Leeds Castle Folly
Roundhay Park Leeds Waterfall

There is also a boating/canoe area on the larger lake but that wasn’t open when we visited. You can fish on Waterloo lake (away from the boating area). There is also a golf course.

There is a couple of children’s adventure trails courtesy of the Friends of Roundhay Park. I did print one-off but we couldn’t get our bearings enough to confidently do the trail.

Important Information about Roundhay Park Leeds

Address: Mansion Ln, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2HH, West Yorkshire

Car parking at Roundhay Park – There are a number of free car parks. Please see review above for a link.

Roundhay Park Prices – The park itself is FREE to visit and to walk around. The playgrounds are free. There is a small charge for the land train and for visiting Tropical World.

Facilities at Roundhay Park: There are 2 playgrounds, 2 lakes, formal gardens, land train, a folly castle and plenty of accessible paths. There are toilets and places to eat.

Opening Times: The park is open all year round with opening hours for Tropical World, the cafes and the Formal Gardens. Hours may change. Please click here for more information.

Accessibility – Most of the paths are accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs. There are disabled toilets, please click the link above for more information.

Is Greenhead Park Dog Friendly: Dogs are welcome in the park

Category: Park, – Great Outdoors – suitable for all ages.

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