Scarborough Fair Collection Museum Review

On the site of the Flower of May caravan park, you will find one of North Yorkshire’s gems. The Scarborough fair collection museum is one of the cutest and most unique museums that I have ever had the pleasure to visit. It actually isn’t located in Scarborough and is instead a few miles south of the great seaside town.

Scarborough Fair Collection is a museum of vintage rides, fairground rides and other fair memorabilia from the past. It is one of the largest collections of its type in Europe. Everything is indoors so it’s perfect for a bad weather day.

We visited with three generations and we all had a wonderful day out. My Mother-in-law was particularly taken with the place and often raves about it. Our son loved it in equal measures, but for different reasons, as he loves rides. You could get around it in less than an hour but if you do that you haven’t experienced everything. We were there for just over two hours and our son felt like he was being dragged away too soon.

Scarborough Fair Collection Museum Review

Things to see and do at Scarborough Fair Collection Museum – A Review

You enter via their shop which also has a few vintage items to look at. This is where we purchased our tickets. I had found an offer voucher in a local attraction guide with £1 off per person. It’s always worth checking the coupon section of local leaflets.

After you’ve paid you then walk down a really fun hall of mirrors. You know the ones – the ones that change your shape into long, thin, round and fat. Our son had never experienced anything like it before and he had a great time trying out all the mirrors.

Scarborough Fair Collection

You then enter a grand hall that is just fabulous. There are vintage organs everywhere and some of them play and put on performances. It was so good we decided to have a drink in there immediately and sit down and soak it all in. The cafe serves hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes and lavish afternoon teas.

Scarborough Fair Collection

Next to the seating area for the cafe, there is the ballroom. This has a large dance floor and many tea dances take place here amongst other events. There is also a licenced bar open for events.

Scarborough Fair Collection

Next to the cafe and dance floor, there is a doorway through to the main exhibition. This is made up of two large rooms and a smaller room at the back. I will cover just about everything that there is to see in these rooms below.

The Vintage Fairground Rides at Scarborough Fair Collection

As well as the entrance fee it costs £1 a ride at Scarborough fair collection and to ride you need to purchase tokens. This is to make it as authentic to the past as possible. We went on so many rides that in the end they actually allowed us on one for free. There are limited staff members at the fair so it’s a case of following them around. Don’t just wait at a ride find an attendant and go on the ride they are operating and then follow them to the next ride.

Tidman Galloping Galloper Horses is a traditional fairground horse ride. I’m not usually a fan of these but it was far comfier and better than any I’ve been on before. It was lovely to see the sheet music being fed through as we rode around. They also have a smaller wind-up version with cars and bikes for the little ones next to this ride. Also on display, they have a few vintage rides that you can’t ride on. Mostly because they are so fragile and rare.

20th Century Thriller Noah’s Ark is their thriller ride and it was by far our favourite ride. It was health and safety gone wrong but in a fun and thrilling way. We loved it so much we went on it twice and boy is it fast. So fast you have to hold on tight and balance with your legs and feet so you don’t fall off. We were in stitches of laughter and my husband had to virtually grab my son by his clothing to keep him on. What a fabulous and rare ride.

Scarborough Fair Collection Museum Review

My Mum took our son on the Ghost train. It was funny stood waiting for them as you could hear the mechanics of the ride as they went around. It wasn’t a very long ride but they had fun.

Scarborough Fair Collection Museum Review

The Mini Austin Car Ride is so cute. It’s lots of Mini Austin cars that go around a small track. It’s just for children and our son thought he was far too grown up for it. We persuaded him on though and he had a great time.

Things to see and do at Scarborough Fair Collection Museum - A Review

For some reason no-one wanted to go on the Cake Walk with me so we didn’t give it a try. I love wobbly vintage rides like these though. Hopefully next time!

Things to see and do at Scarborough Fair Collection Museum - A Reviewv

It wouldn’t be a vintage fair without some Dodgems right? These were great fun and very crackly which is how I remember Dodgems to be. Another ride just for kids is the Mini Waltzers.

Vintage Vehicles at Scarborough Fair

They have a lot of Vintage vehicles also on display. Most of them have a sign telling you all about them. There’s a bus, fire engine, cars, steam wagons and more.

Things to see and do at Scarborough Fair Collection Museum - A Review
Scarborough Fair Collection Museum Review

They have a lot of vintage organs at Scarborough fair collection. So much so there’s usually one playing somewhere. It is worth stopping and watching as most of them are animated and are fascinating to watch. In fact you don’t exactly stop and watch as the music is infectious and I must admit we had a few little dances.

You can also purchase pennys to use in the penny arcade. A few things weren’t working in the arcade but it was lovely playing on the ones that did work. There were some really lovely vintage arcade pieces.

Things to see and do at Scarborough Fair Collection Museum - A Review

They also had a few mechanical items where if you popped an old penny in and then they’d move or sing a song. Our son was fascinated with these and thought they were hilarious.

Scarborough Fair Collection

I hope that this post helps you to get a feel for this wonderful attraction. It isn’t a full day out by any means but it is wonderful and unique and well worth a visit.

Important Information about Scarborough Fair Collection

Address: Flower of May Holiday Park, Stone Pit Lane, Scarborough YO11 3NU, North Yorkshire

Car parking at Scarborough Fair – There is a free car park.

Scarborough Fair Collection Prices – £7.95 for an adult, £5.25 for a child and £6.75 for a senior. Plus you need to purchase ride tokens, these cost £1 per person per ride. This soon amounted up and I think I’d rather see a slightly higher priced ticket that includes unlimited rides.

Facilities at Scarborough Fair: Vintage fairground rides, organs that play, vintage vehicles, penny arcade and more. There are toilets and a cafe serving limited refreshments.

Opening Times: They are open on selected dates throughout the year. Mostly on Wednesdays through to Sundays from early April until early November. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Accessibility – Please follow this link for information

CategoryMuseum with rides, suitable for all ages.

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