Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review

Our number one activity during lockdown was kicking a football about in the back garden. We even got inventive shooting balls into boxes and at moving targets. The 7-year-old is really enjoying playing now so I was keen to book us a go on both of the 9 hole courses at Scarborough FootGolf. We have tried FootGolf in the past but this is a proper dedicated place and the two courses were in great condition and great fun.

Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review

Scarborough FootGolf 9 Hole Courses Review

You can book via their Facebook page, online or over the phone – 07519189411. Booking online is the easiest option as you can see what slots have already been taken. Their booking system was down when we went to book (it’s fine again now) so I booked via Facebook and they were very responsive to messages and we were soon booked for the next day.

When you arrive you need to look out for a piece of paper on the fence with your name on. This is your designated car parking space. The office for the FootGolf is next to the car park. You can pay at the door with either cash or card. They have a few snacks and drinks available to purchase.

Picnic tables can be found next to the regular course. You are welcome to bring your own picnic or you can order one of theirs. There is a stained glass centre next to the Footgolf with a tea-room. You can also book BBQ’s or birthday parties.

Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review

“Footgolf can be played with 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. Larger groups will be split between tees to avoid waiting time at the tee. When you have completed the Footgolf course you can play again or have a round of Adventure Footgolf at a discounted price.”

When you arrive and once you’ve paid for your round(s) of FootGolf you select a football and you are instructed to only touch that ball. There are two sizes one for adults and the other for children. You can pick up a scorecard and a pencil.

If you are trying out the Adventure course you also have to select a pole so you can retrieve your ball from water or a tunnel, if needs be. Once you are finished they have a box for everything to go and be cleaned ready to be used again.

We prebooked the regular 9 hole course and the other course they have the 9 hole Adventure course. We were recommended to start with the regular course so this is what we did.

The holes are similar to the golf holes of a pitch and putt course. They are set out like real golf with an area to ‘tee’ off from. There’s then a fairway with shorter grass and rough to the side with longer grass. The holes are of course larger for the footballs and there’s a large flag in every hole.

Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review

They have also set the holes out as ‘pars’. We didn’t manage a par once but we did OK and it was great fun. My son really loved it and wants to visit again soon. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing. They are proper footballs so you can hurt your foot if you are kicking with thin shoes.

Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review

It was quite a long way round and we completed the course in about 30 minutes. I would imagine that it takes longer if there’s more than 2 of you. After a small rest, we headed in a different direction to the Adventure course.

This course is again 9 holes set in woodland. Each hole is a different challenge. Make sure you read the sign before you start each hole as that will give you a clue as to what you are supposed to do.

Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review

Holes included kicking past a goalie down to the flag, kicking through a split tree, through tyres, through a tunnel, over a water hazard and more. The ground is rough here so our footballs had a tendancy to do as they pleased and not what we had hoped they would do. Our balls were all over the place but it was great fun. We didn’t need the pole we’d been given as we didn’t end up in the water nor stuck in the tunnel (despite my son trying!).

Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review
Scarborough FootGolf | Regular & Adventure 9 Hole Courses Review
Scarborough FootGolf Adventure Course
Scarborough FootGolf Adventure Course

The hardest hole is the 9th. Here you have to kick the football into a hole at the top of a ‘volcano’. This took us around 10-15 tries each but we weren’t going to give up. All in all, we found it great fun and we’d certainly visit again.

Scarborough FootGolf Adventure Course

Important Information about Scarborough FootGolf

Address: Killerby Ln, Cayton, Scarborough YO11 3TP

Car parking at Scarborough FootGolf – If you prebook you are reserved a space in the car park.

Scarborough FootGolf Prices – If you want to try just one of the courses it costs £6.00 for an adult or £4.00 for an adult per round. If you want to have a go at both courses it costs £10 for an adult or £6 for a child (under 16). A family ticket for both courses is £30 (2 adults and 2 children). There is a price reduction for groups of over 10 people.

Facilities at Scarborough FootGolf: There are two 9 hole FootGolf courses. They have to portaloo toilets and a small shop with limited snacks and drinks.

Opening Times: They are open from 10 am until 8 pm. Sessions are booked in 10-minute slots.

Are there places to picnic: Yes next to the regular course.

Category: Sports, suitable for all ages.

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