Selwicks Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

Selwicks Bay beach is our favourite of the four main beaches in Flamborough on the East Yorkshire coast. It is at the base of Flamborough head and it is astoundingly beautiful. The walk down and back up is steep but it’s not too difficult and it is certainly easier for little legs than Thornwick bay.

It is always worth timing your visit to this beach at low tide or near to low tide. Unlike the beaches at Bridlington, when the tide is high at Flamborough, there’s never much beach to go on. Plus when the tide is out there are some amazing caves and inlets to explore that would usually be covered by the sea.

Selwick Bay Flamborough
Looking down at Selwicks Bay Beach from Flamborough Head

Access to Selwicks Bay is from the left-hand side of Flamborough head. If you have the cafe on your right and face out to sea then you are on the correct side. There’s a couple of paths down and you need to be stood right at the cliff’s edge to spot them, one is further back towards Flamborough than the other.

Selwick Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

Both paths are equal in difficulty. They are steep but there is always a well trodden path. When you get near to the bottom there is a set of metal steps. Once down you come across a gorgeous beach with stunning cliffs either side. It’s a great spot for rock pooling although we tend to only find snails. We are never quite brave enough to lift the rocks to look for crabs.

rock pooling at Selwick Bay

The right side is where most of the nesting birds live.

Selwick Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

If you head left on the beach at low tide you can access some caves and inlets where the cliffs have broken apart over the years. This is a really beautiful part of Selwicks Bay beach and well worth walking to. This is only accessible at low tide. If you do venture in when the sea is close by make sure you don’t get cut off.

Selwick Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide
Selwick Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

There isn’t much in the way of sand on the beach, certainly not sandcastle building sand. But what it lacks in sand it makes up for in beauty.

Selwick Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

Selwicks Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide

Selwick Bay Beach Flamborough | Visitor Guide
Selwick Bay Beach

There are public toilets, a cafe, car park and a shop at Flamborough head, next to Selwick Bays. Down on Selwicks bay beach there are no facilities.

The cafe at Flamborough Head
The cafe at Flamborough Head
The shop at Flamborough Head
The shop at Flamborough Head

The other three beaches in Flamborough that you can visit are South Landing, North Landing and Thornwick Bay.

Important Information about Selwicks Bay

Address: Lighthouse Road, Flamborough, Bridlington YO15 1AP

Car parking at Selwicks Bay – There is a large pay and display car park. It isn’t expensive. For example, all-day parking is only £2.90. There are cheaper options if you are looking to stay for a shorter period of time.

Selwick Bay Prices – If you can arrive on foot or by bicycle there are no costs involved in visiting as the only charge is to park.

Facilities at Selwicks Bay: As mentioned above there are no facilities down on the beach itself. There are, however, public toilets, a shop and a cafe at the top at Flamborough Head.

There is no lifeguard

Opening Times: Open 24 hours. Charges apply 8am – 6pm every day, including bank holidays. Over night stays are not allowed.

Accessiblity – Selwicks Bay is not accessible by wheelchair nor with a pushchair. The path down is rough, uneven and only for the sure-footed.

Is Selwicks Bay Dog Friendly: Dogs are allowed on a lead.

Are there places to picnic at Selwicks Bay: You can, of course, picnic on the beach. If you would prefer a bench or a picnic table these can be found on Flamborough head or on one of the paths down there are two or three picnic tables.

Category: Beach, suitable for all ages, although you would have to carry much younger children.

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