Stockeld Park Things To Do

Stockeld Park is a great family-friendly day out near Wetherby and not too far from Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It is a large adventure park mostly set in woodland. It’s a really magical place and it is certainly one of our favourite days out.

Stockeld Park – Review

Stockeld Park is somewhere you can easily spend the whole day visiting as there is so much to see and do. The highlight for us is the fairytale woodland trail and the huge maze which is certainly a challenge.

When you arrive the main buildings for the site are on your left. This is where you will find their large gift shop, self-service restaurant with a good number of tables, toilets and a small indoor play area. This is great for warming up if you are visiting on a cold day. They also host a number of special events such as themed trails.

This area is the only indoor area. There is a wooden playhouse and a wooden train. Plus a large bouncy pillow and a small inflatable slide. There is a new indoor area coming soon.

Stockeld Park Things To Do

The park only opens during school holidays and some of their activities change according to the time of year. In the winter there is an ice-skating rink, illuminations at night and a nordic ski-ing track (shown below). This is great fun and certainly worth a try. Expect your smalls to fall over a lot though as it’s quite a challenge keeping your skis straight.

The track goes all the way around the woodland trail and it’s certainly a unique thing to do. I’ve not come across anything like this anywhere else in the UK. In the summer the ice rink turns into a roller skating rink.

Stockeld Park Things To Do

Once outside you can choose to head out on the Enchanted Forest trail or venture into the Maze. We always choose the maze first. It took us around 50 minutes to complete the first time we ventured in. It starts off relatively easy but gradually you will start finding dead ends. It is one of the best mazes we’ve been in.

Stockeld Park
Stockeld Park

There is so much to find along the way. You can choose to complete the quest or just play with various things along the way such as musical instruments and there’s even a couple of Tardis boxes. There are bridges and towers which help you plan where to go next. At the centre, there is a beautiful silver globe with buttons to press around the edge that tells you all about the world. Luckily the exit out is super easy.

Stockeld Park Things To Do

In the summer months, they usually have a large inflatable assault course in the middle of their large lawned area. This is great fun for kids and they can even race against friends and family.

Stockeld Park Things To Do

Also in this field, you will find a pedal go-kart track that is more suited to older kids and Farmer Foster’s Barnyard. This is one of the loveliest playgrounds I’ve ever seen and perfect for children aged around 3 to 10. There are wooden tractors to play on, slides, swings and a big tunnel.

Stockeld Park Things To Do

Then onto the Enchanted Forest. This can take a very long time to get around. There is just so much to see and play on, there is a surprise at every turn. Make sure you leave plenty of time in your day for getting around as there are some excellent play areas.

The woodland features four main playgrounds. These include Teepee encampment, Tangle Tree Climb, Woodsand Cove and Spider’s Lair. Some of the equipment is quite challenging but great fun. In the Teepee encampment there is a fun tube slide and plenty to climb on. Plus a fairy tree with interactive buttons.

Stockeld Park Things To Do

Along the trail, there are extra things to see with a fairytale theme. One of my favourites is the giant storybook that has a caterpillar for a slide. You can find Rapunzel’s tower, a witch’s house you can go inside, a moving dragon and so much more. It truly is a magical and wondrous place.

Stockeld Park Review

Tangle Tree Climb is more for older kids as it is very challenging. Smaller children do attempt it but they usually get stuck. There is a really cute fairy village near here where you can play some beautiful music to persuade the fairies out of their houses.

Stockeld Park Things To Do
Stockeld Park Things To Do

The next play area along the trail is Woodsands Cove. Here there is a wooden pirate ship kids can play on and there is plenty of sand to play in. This is also where you will find the first refreshment stop along the trail. Here you can purchase drinks and ice-creams plus pizzas in the summer.

Further along the trail, you will find the Buccaneer Boats. There’s usually a big queue for this so we are yet to give it a try which surprises me as you have to pay £6 a boat for 2 people so I can only guess it’s a lot of fun.

Stockeld Park

There is another kiosk selling light refreshments near here and this is where the only toilets on the trail are located. There are a few more fairytale themed things to find along the rest of the trail. These include Grandma’s house with a wolf, giant toadstools, sunflowers that spray water and a fun playhouse shaped like a boot.

Stockeld Park Review

The final large play area on the trail is Spider’s Lair. This is a relatively large wooden play area with lots to climb on and a very popular zip wire.

It’s up to you then if you want to do anything again but we are usually exhausted by now and it is time to head home. I can’t wait to return this year. It’s certainly one of our favourite days out.

Stockeld Park FAQ & Further Information

Address: Wetherby Rd, Wetherby LS22 4AN, North Yorkshire

Category: Adventure Park – Mostly Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

Mid-range. A ticket purchased online in advance costs around £14 per person. The prices change slightly depending on the time of year. Under 2s are free. Annual tickets are available.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Large maze with interactive elements, magical woodland trail themed on nursery rhymes, four large play areas, wooden tractor play area, go-karts, rollerskating/ice skating, nordic skiing in the winter and a small indoor play area. There are toilets plus kiosks and a restaurant.

When are they open?

Stockeld Park opens during school holidays and extra days over Christmas. For up to date information please visit their website.

Is there food available?

There is a self-service restaurant plus two kiosks in the woodland.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is free on-site parking.

Are they dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

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