Swinton Bivouac Tree Lodges Luxury Glamping in North Yorkshire

Swinton Bivouac is a glamping site on the Swinton Estate near Masham in North Yorkshire. They are home to 6 tree lodges situated on the edge of a forest. There is also a glamping field with yurts. It is also home to the Druid’s Temple which is a Stonehenge like folly in the woods.

Swinton Bivouac Tree Lodges Review

We had a wonderful two-night stay in one of their lodges, it was really quite luxurious for glamping. The roads are rather narrow on the way in so make sure the least nervous person drives. The tree lodges are so well designed and they blend in wonderfully with their surroundings.

There is a small car park for guests close to the lodges and you then have a short walk to the lodges. We even had to climb through a gap in a stone wall to get there. Each lodge has an outside balcony with two deckchairs and a bench. There is also a cool box in a small shed where you can keep your perishable food. The lodges might be quite luxurious but you are still glamping.

Swinton Bivouac

We spent quite a bit of time just chilling out on the balcony and watching all the sheep in the field opposite. The lodges are off the grid and there is no electricity. There’s also somewhere handy to put muddy boots and our son spent ages brushing the decking down.

Swinton Bivouac Review

Heading inside the lodge there is essentially one room with a shower room and toilet behind a door (there are walls as well!). The beds are then on three levels. At the top there is a double bed, then on the floor below there are three single beds and there is one more single bed on the ground floor. Each lodge sleeps seven people.

The toughest decision for our son was deciding which bed to sleep in. Our linen was provided and you could hire towels. We had brought some anyway and they had left us a couple of hand towels.

Swinton Bivouac Review

It was certainly quite high up in the highest bedroom and this was also the warmest as the heat from the fire reached it well. This was a great place for capturing a photo of the living area.

We had a table with chairs and a bench. There were plenty of lanterns dotted around the place which were essential as there are no lights at night. On the right, there was the kitchen area. This had a gas hob and there was even a sink. We also had plenty of glasses, mugs, cutlery and dishes. You are even provided with hot water bottles but the fire kept us lovely and warm so we didn’t need them. We had even been provided with soap and washing up liquid.

Swinton Bivouac
Swinton Bivouac Tree Lodges Luxury Glamping in North Yorkshire
Swinton Bivouac Tree Lodges Luxury Glamping in North Yorkshire

Considering we were off the grid it was lovely to have a toilet and a shower, there was also a sink in there. The only problem we found was that the water was scorching at times so we banned our son from taking a shower.

Swinton Bivouac Tree Lodges Luxury Glamping in North Yorkshire

We had been provided with logs and it had been set up ready for us to light. We were supplied with enough wood for our stay and our son loved bringing more wood in. If you run out of wood, candles or batteries for the fairy lights you can pop to the cafe during opening hours and ask for some more.

Swinton Bivouac Tree Lodges Luxury Glamping in North Yorkshire

The lodges are in such an idyllic location. It was so peaceful with bird song being the only real sound and the occasional bleat of the sheep. We saw and heard all sorts of birds we’d never seen before including a baby woodpecker.

Just across from the glamping field there is an on-site Cafe Bistro. This was open at 9 am for breakfast so we headed there and enjoyed a hearty breakfast after our first comfortable night’s sleep. The cafe is open until 8 pm at weekends but it closes earlier on weekdays. We ate there on the Saturday night and enjoyed watching the FA Cup Final on their TV while our son enjoyed using the free Wi-Fi.

Swinton Bivouac

The cafe although relatively small has three levels of seating. On the bottom floor, there is the family room with a few toys in there for little ones. There is also a small play area outside.

Swinton Bivouac Review

Swinton Bivouac FAQ & Further Information

Address: Swinton Bivouac, Masham, Ilton, Ripon HG4 4JZ, North Yorkshire. Phone: 01765 535020

Category – Glamping – Suitable for all ages.

What are the ticket prices?

The prices of the lodges vary greatly throughout the year with prices from around £164 a night up to £220 a night.

When are they open?

They seem to be open for most of the year.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is free parking a short walk from the lodges.

Are they dog friendly?

No information has been provided.

Are they accessible?

They are not accessible.

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