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We are big fans of The Deep. We have been many times over the years and when our son wasn’t at school it was a regular day out for us. The great thing about The Deep is that once you’ve bought your tickets you are then entitled to return for FREE as much as you like over the next 12 months.

There is a charge to park but when you’re entertaining a toddler every day it’s a really great place to take them. The Deep isn’t just for toddlers though, everyone of all ages should enjoy a visit to The Deep. We usually spend a couple of hours walking around followed by lunch in the cafe that overlooks the Humber estuary. Make sure you keep your ticket with you in case you want to walk around again.

The Deep
The Deep Review Guide

The Deep Review Visitor Guide

The Deep is one of the biggest aquariums in the UK. It is located on the Humber estuary on the outskirts of the city of Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The aquarium is all indoors and it offers a great family-friendly day out plus it’s educational. They also offer a number of experiences and you can even dine there privately on some evenings. The Deep experiences include Junior Experience day and family sleepovers.

The Deep is set on a few floors which are accessible by lifts and ramps, it is fully accessible. There are also plenty of toilets which is always a must when visiting with kids. There are lots of colourful and eye-catching signs to read and also lots of interactive displays for kids.

It’s a great place to get them interested in learning more about our sea creatures. The first exhibition takes you through 4 billion years of ocean history. There are interactive screens, 3D screens with prehistoric fish and fossils on the wall.

The Deep Review Guide

Next on your visit, you will come to the Coral Reef tank. This has been recently restored and it is one of my favourite parts of the aquarium. You are able to watch the life in the tank by standing right next to the tank as it has big glass panels.

I could sit here for a very long time just watching the fish swim by. It’s a really lovely tank. There are some really beautiful fish swimming around including Dory and white juvenile zebra sharks.

The Deep Review Guide

Also in this area, there are the ‘Hands on’ part of the aquarium. This area is especially for kids to really feel life under the sea. At select times of the day, there are touch pool sessions where you can stroke starfish and other such sea creatures.

The Deep

There is also a sand area where you can brush the sand away to reveal fossils. Plus there are some fun touch and feel holes. Another favourite is a projection on the floor that interacts with you and makes you feel like you are walking or jumping on water.

The Deep Review Guide

You will then come across the first of two viewing areas where you can see their Gentoo penguins. These are the largest penguins I have ever seen and you can see them above and in the water. They are such characters and they are a real pleasure to watch especially during feeding times.

The Deep Hull

Down a ramp, you will then come to the first of many viewing areas for their largest tank ‘Endless Ocean’. This tank is enormous and there are all sorts swimming around in there. A real highlight is when the divers get in the tank to feed the fish, this usually takes place in the afternoon and it is well worth staying to watch. There are some huge rays, sharks and even loggerhead turtles plus many different types of fish.

The Deep
The Deep

There are other tanks around the bigger tank with different types of fish and even insects in. Some of the larger tanks have seats where you can sit and watch the fish swimming around.

The Deep Hull
The Deep Hull

Other areas include Cool Seas and the Twilight Zone. These sea creatures live in cold waters or in places where there is no light at all. The Twilight Zone is spookily dark and it takes a while for your eyes to adjust but you will manage to spot some fish. There are a good variety of tanks and even a few tanks with jellyfish. The music they have playing in these areas is very atmospheric.

The Deep Hull

Near to the penguins’ underwater area, there is an ice wall. Make sure you don’t miss it as the kids will love having a feel.

The Deep Hull

Further on from here there is another area of tanks including a tank full of ants. This is where there is a small soft play area. It’s for children 1 metre and under and my son used to love playing in here when he was a toddler. It’s small and basic with just some large soft shapes to play with but he used to spend ages in here.

The Deep Review Guide

The final part of the visit is a lift back up to the top. You can walk up the stairs but it’s worth queuing and waiting for the lift. The lift is basically underwater and although it’s only a short ride it’s a great experience. Your final challenge comes at the exit. You have to exit via their shop which is huge and full of all sorts of wondrous goodies. We have rarely left without buying something.

The Deep

I have included photos from previous visits and it’s made me feel all nostalgic. Kids grow up way too fast!

The Deep Hull FAQ & Further Information

Address: Tower St, Hull HU1 4DP, East Yorkshire. Phone: 01482 381000

Category – Aquarium – Indoors – Suitable for most ages

What are the ticket prices?

A standard adult ticket costs £16.50, children age 3-15 are £13. Children under 3 are free. Once your ticket has been purchased you can then return for free as much as you please over the next 12 months. You must prebook your visit online in advance.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Aquarium with a great number of tanks including a touch pool, coral reef, large tank, twilight zone, penguins, underwater lift and ice wall. There is a small soft play area for toddlers and there are toilets and a cafe.

When are they open?

The Deep is open almost all year round. For up to date information please visit their website.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is parking. It costs £3 to park for six hours.

Are they dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

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