The Hole In Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York Review

We have been wanting to visit the relatively new The Hole in Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York for a while now. I’ve tried many times to book tickets and they’ve sold out. We’ve even tried turning up on the day but they’ve been sold out and not let us in. I finally picked a date and booked a few weeks in advance. The shop it’s in simply oozes wizardry and I knew my mini Harry Potter fan would enjoy the experience.

Let’s get this straight the holes are tiny and most of them are pretty difficult but we loved the experience and everyone I’ve spoken to has loved it as well.

The Hole In Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York Review

In case you didn’t know The Hole in Wand is located in what was once a cafe on Coppergate Walk in the heart of the city of York. It is actually opposite the popular Jorvik Viking Centre. As you can imagine from what I’ve already said it is hugely popular and pre-booking a timeslot is pretty much essential. Children must be 3 or over to play.

When you first walk inside the shop it’s kind of hard to imagine that there are actually 9 golf holes inside. The first one is so not like a golf hole it left my Mum and my son completely baffled as to where it was.

There is a small cafe with a bar as you walk in. They sell sweat treats and all manner of Wizarding type drinks, including the alcoholic kind. But don’t be in a rush to purchase a drink as there may well be one at the end of your round of golf, read on to find out more. You do have to queue outside of the shop for the golf as they are restricting numbers still and making sure everyone gives each other room to play once inside.

You start your wizarding golf adventure with a series of photos against a green screen. You can purchase these at the end. One of ours came out really well so my Mum bought us the pic as a treat. By now we had also been armed with our wizard wands (golf clubs) and our balls plus a score card and a quill (biro on the end of a colourful feather).

The Hole In Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York Review

We then had a full explanation of what to look out for on each hole as these are pretty much not like any crazy golf you will have played before. The pics above and below are actually the first hole. These big arrows help to show you where to start each hole and believe me you will need to find these a few times as it’s pretty much a surprise as to where you start.

This hole was actually under the table and you start by dropping your ball down into a hole!

The Hole In Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York Review

If it wasn’t for the fact that your drink at the end depends on your scores we’d have given up keeping score pretty early on. You can’t take more than 6 shots on each hole (per person) and let’s just say we took 6 shots each on many holes! Two of the 9 holes are downstairs and the rest are upstairs.

The intrigue builds even more as when you get to the top of the stairs you can really only see two holes. Also don’t stand too close to the fireplace here as you may get a surprise!

The Hole In Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York Review

As you head towards the other of the ‘two’ holes you spot this below which is also a hole! Whoever designed this course has a great imagination. Even though all the timed slots had been fully booked on the day of our visit we never found ourselves waiting for people.

The Hole In Wand Wizard Crazy Golf in York Review
Hole in Wand Crazy Golf

We found the hole above a bit challenging and none of us made it round to the other side. After this hole you enter through a black curtain and as your eyes slowly adjust to the dark you will make out the hole below.

Hole in Wand Crazy Golf

Another of the holes has a potting shed theme. You start the hole by dropping your ball into a plant pot.

Hole in Wand Crazy Golf

And then things got even more ‘different’ as your challenge is to put your ball down a drain cover. I’ve not posted a photo of the last hole as that has something to do with the original challenge that you are set. You will have to visit to find out more.

Hole in Wand Crazy Golf

Once you’ve finished your round of golf you take your score card back downstairs where you are awarded one of four drinks. I was the winner and I won the Unicorn drink which was so nice my son pinched it off me.

Try turning the buttons in the photo below if you visit as there’s magic in the drinks. If you want to drink your drinks there and then you can ask for a cup and they have a few tables you can sit at. There is also an accessible toilet on the ground floor. The crazy golf, however, is not wheelchair accessible. If you want to save your drink you can even buy Butterscotch beer here!

Hole in Wand Crazy Golf

We love visiting York as there is so much to do there for families. It looks like we’ve added another regular haunt to our list.

Hole in Wand FAQ & Further Information

Address: 14-16 Coppergate Walk, York YO1 9NT, North Yorkshire

Category – Crazy Golf – Indoors – Suitable from the age of 3.

What are the ticket prices?

A standard ticket costs £6.99 per person and includes a drink. Other pricing options are available.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

9 holes of wizarding themed crazy golf with a potion to drink at the end. There is a toilet and you can purchase other drinks and snacks.

When are they open?

They are open almost all year round. Please visit their website for up-to-date opening times/book a slot.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Is there parking?

There is parking nearby, charges apply. It is easier to access the centre of York using one of their park and rides.

Are they accessible?

There is wheelchair access to the ground floor, there is no access upstairs. Downstairs there is an accessible toilet.

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