Visiting Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire Picturesque seaside village

Robin Hood’s Bay is our favourite seaside village along the Yorkshire coast. It is the most picturesque and beautiful place. If you’ve never been I urge you to visit. The drive there itself is equally picturesque.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a small fishing village in North Yorkshire a little south of Whitby. If you are wanting to go on the beach during your visit it is a good idea to check when high and low tide is. There’s nothing more disappointing than turning up and the tide being in and all you have before you is sea and seaweed. (which Robin Hood’s Bay often has a lot of!)

Only local village traffic is allowed down the main street in Robin Hood’s bay. All other visitors must park at the top of the hill. There is a smaller car park right at the top of the road. We usually find this to be full though even when we arrive early. It is generally used by guests of the local hotel and visitors to people within the lower part of the village.

If you can’t find a space here turn back left out of the car park. Just up the road is another much larger pay and display car park.

Visiting Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire Picturesque seaside village
The view down to Robin Hoods Bay and across to Ravenscar

There is a regular bus service from Scarborough through to Middlesborough which calls at Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby, Runswick Bay etc. In the summertime, it runs every 20 minutes or so. There is no longer a train line that runs to Robin Hoods Bay. There is a play area at the top of the hill.

View from the top of the hill at Robin Hood's Bay

Visiting Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire

The walk down to the bottom of the village is very steep. It’s a lot easier going down than going back up. There is a pathway for pedestrians which is very narrow and has lots of steps in places. There is such little traffic that you can occasionally walk on the road which is single track. This photo shows how steep it can be.

Robin Hood's Bay

On the way down you will pass so many quaint buildings, shops and the odd place to eat. There are some really pretty side alleys as well where people live. Some of the road and side roads are cobbled which adds to the beauty of the place. You can also stay on this hill. It is also still a working fishing village so you may be able to see boats going out or coming back in if the ride is in.

Robin Hood's Bay
Robin Hood's Bay

As mentioned above it is essential to know the tide times when visiting the beach. It is really easy to get cut off by a rapid incoming tide. Waves can crash up to the lower part of the village as well during high tide so be careful where you stand. My son loves to look for fossils so we only ever time our visit for low tide. If we see the tide coming in we make sure we are close to the boat runway.

Robin Hoods Bay does experience coastal erosion. So do take care not to walk near the edge of the cliffs. If you are fossil hunting along the cliff edge you must also be vigilant. It is a great place to spot fossils but the soil could collapse any minute.

Things to do at Robin Hoods Bay

Fossil Hunting

Although not one of the best beaches along the Yorkshire coast for fossil hunting you can still find some. We have the most success closer to the cliffs. This is a photo of what we found on our last visit. The beach at Whitby is easier to find fossils on. When the tide is out the beach is also a good place to take a net and search for crabs in the rock pools.

Robin Hood's Bay North Yorkshire

Robin Hoods Bay Museum

“Displays include fishing, shipping, local history and geology. Details of the many shipwrecks and historic rescues in the Bay are recorded and there is a unique model of a smuggler’s house showing how contraband could be concealed! A life-size model of a local fisher wife has many surprises up her sleeve.” It is free to enter, they do welcome donations.

Old Coastguard Station

The Old Coastguard station is now a National Trust visitor centre. It has a few fun interactive exhibits for the kids and it’s a nice little place to visit. You can make waves, generate wind and more. Free entry. Open daily 10 am to last entry at 4.30 pm from Easter to the end of October half-term. During the winter months, open weekends and school holidays from 10 am to last entry at 3.30 pm.

Ghost Walks

In the summer why not go on an evening Ghost Walk? It lasts just over an hour and takes in the lower half of the old village. The walk is suitable for most ages.

Visit a Pub for lunch or dinner

There are some really quaint old pubs in Robin Hood’s Bay that are great to visit for a spot of food or a drink. We like to eat at the Bay hotel. If you time it right you might be able to get a table in the window. This hotel is right on the sea wall and has wonderful views out to the bay.

Robin Hood's Bay North Yorkshire

We love to visit Robin Hoods bay any time of the year but the warmer months always have the added bonus of an ice-cream.

Visiting Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire Picturesque seaside village

Important Information about Robin Hoods Bay

Address: Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby, YO22 4SJ, North Yorkshire North Yorkshire

Car parking at Robin Hoods Bay – There is a large pay and display car park at the top of the hill near the old train station.

Facilities in Robin Hoods Bay: There are hotels, B&Bs, cafes, pubs, tearooms, shops, public toilets and small museums.

Dog friendly? Dogs are permitted on the beach all year round.

CategoryBeach, suitable for all ages.

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