Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises

The Yorkshire Belle, to me, is the best thing to do in Bridlington. Although technically you head out to sea they set sail from Bridlington’s Harbour on the East Yorkshire coastline.

Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises Review

They were left in 2020 with a boat that needed repairs and no one was permitted to cruise with them to earn them money. They set up a crowdfunding page and myself along with many contributed to save this boat. It’s something we like to do every year and there was no way we wanted to see the boat put into retirement.

Luckily it had a major overhaul and was sailing again in 2021. The boat was originally built in 1947 and took its first passengers up to Flamborough Head that same year. The boat has changed in the following years but it still takes passengers up to Flamborough Head and some of their cruises now go even further. It has had quite a history and it’s really interesting to read all about it on their website. The only year she hasn’t sailed since 1947 was 2020.

The best thing about this boat is that it not only has toilets but it has a licence to sell alcohol. Below deck, there is a bar where you can purchase draught and bottled beers, spirits, wines, hot drinks and soft drinks. We live a short drive away so we often get a taxi into town and have a drink or two. It’s become quite a tradition for us.

Yorkshire Belle Review

They have seating indoors with plenty of windows or you can sit outside at the front or the rear of the boat. We like to sit at the front no matter what the weather. We have been out in calm seas and in choppy seas but none of us has ever felt seasick. Although that saying we did see an ill chap on the last choppy sailing we went on.

Yorkshire Belle Review

The scenery on their cruises is spectacular. Although you can walk on many of the beaches in the area you never quite get a true sense of the scale of the cliffs. For most of the journey out to sea, there is a live commentary which is always interesting. When there are birds nearby they usually point out what you are looking at.

Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises
Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises
Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises

The highlight is always spotting the lighthouses at Flamborough Head. Although do be warned if it’s a choppy day you may not go close to the cliffs and your views may not be quite as good as on a calm day. The sea in Bridlington is calm more than it is rough though as it is calmed a lot by Flamborough Head. Sometimes it comes as quite a surprise as you go past Flamborough Head as the sea conditions can change in an instant.

Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises

They offer a number of cruises at set times throughout the main running season.

These include a 1-hour Lighthouse cruise which is to Flamborough Head and back. This has been the mainstay cruise. There is a 1.5 hour Breil Newk Cruise which is a slightly longer cruise and continues on to where thousands of seabirds are nesting on the cliffs. This has been my favourite cruise when we’ve done it. On a calm day, the boat goes really close to the nesting birds and the sights and sounds are amazing. The best time of year to see the birds is from May until mid-July.

Towards the end of the season, the Breil Newk Cruise is replaced with a Silex Bay Cruise where you may even spot seals – we certainly have done on these cruises. There can be hundreds in this area at times.

There is a 2.5-hour Bempton Cliffs cruise which we did last year. This takes in the Scale Nab which is a rare geological fault. This year we are hoping to book on their 3-hour cruise to Filey bay.

Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises

If you cruise with them in May through to early July you may even spot some nesting puffins. These are notoriously hard to spot although we have seen them. They are not the birds in these photos though. Binoculars and a good camera are recommended.

Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises
Yorkshire Belle Bridlington Cruises

As well as the cruises I mentioned above they also have a family entertainment cruise with Spark Marky who is a family entertainer and comedian. Plus a family disco cruise and gin cruises. They also have cruises run by the RSPB which are available to book on their website.

The cruises run at varied times according to the tide. It is very rare that they have to cancel a tour but do ring ahead to check if you are travelling from outside of the area.

Yorkshire Belle FAQ & Further Information

Address: Harbour Rd, Bridlington YO15 2NS, East Yorkshire. Phone: 07774 193404

Category – Boat Cruise – Indoors and Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

What are the ticket prices?

Prices vary according to which cruise you book. The 1-hour lighthouse cruise costs £8 for an adult, £4 for a child 16 and under. Their 3-hour cruise costs £24 an adult and £12 a child. Family tickets and other pricing options are available.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

A good range of cruises out at sea along the East Yorkshire coast to see cliffs and sea birds. There are toilets and a bar.

When are they open?

The Yorkshire Belle runs cruises from around April time until September, sometimes into October.

Is there food available?

You can purchase limited snacks. They have a bar serving hot and cold drinks.

Is there parking?

There is parking nearby in the 2 harbour car parks. Please be aware that these fill up fast and you may have to consider parking elsewhere.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome at no extra cost.

Are they accessible?

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