Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park Things To Do

Murton Park is home to the Yorkshire Museum of Farming which is located near York in North Yorkshire. It’s a little known attraction but one that we enjoy visiting as there is plenty there to keep families entertained. The added bonus is that once you have purchased your tickets you can return as much as you like for free over the next 12 months.

This even includes entrance to most of their events which are usually very good and involve reenactments in their themed villages. If you visit on a Sunday your ticket also allows you to travel on their steam train, the DVLR, which is volunteer-run.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Things to Do

There are things to do indoors and outdoors. Indoors there is a relatively large museum of farming. This is on two levels and features farm machinery plus some recreated rooms to show you how farmers of the past lived.

The museum has been open since early 1982 and it was one of the first attractions at the park. It is a registered charity so it’s certainly a venue worth supporting. Inside the museum, there is a small soft play area for babies and toddlers. It is the smallest soft play I think I’ve ever seen.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park
Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park

Also indoors there is a smaller museum with farm-related toys and displays. My son was particularly taken with the large yet mini-scale farm set up for kids to play with.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park Things To Do

As mentioned above on a Sunday and also most bank holiday Mondays from spring until summer you can take a ride on the Derwent valley light railway, the DVLR. It’s a really short ride on a steam train but kids will love it and the platform is great for photos. Plus of course, a ride on the train is included with your ticket. The staff are really friendly and make sure you look out for the fake cat!

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park
Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park

Outdoors you will find their animals which include sheep, rabbits, chickens and goats. Sadly you can’t feed them but a lot of them are very friendly and love to be stroked. Near the animals, there is a small playground with a wooden playhouse, a swing, a slide and things to climb on. There is also a nature trail going around the park with different things to see and play with along the way.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park Things To Do
Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park Things To Do

The real highlight to our visits and the thing that makes this place unique to the area is the recreated villages. These are great to visit on any day but even better when they have reenactors in them which they have a few times each year.

The Viking village is the largest to look around. It has been done so well, you actually feel like you have stepped back in time. Even the ground you walk on feels as if it’s part of Viking England.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park
Yorkshire Museum of Farming Murton Park

The second-largest village is the Wild West village which is again filled with authentic buildings, there’s even a pub and a pharmacist. In a different area, there is a small WWII themed area plus a couple of roundhouses with thatched roofs. You are welcome to bring a picnic or you can purchase hot and cold food and drinks in their cafe.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming FAQ & Further Information

Address: Murton Park, York YO19 5UF, North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire

Category: Farm Park / Museum, suitable for all ages.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Two indoor farm-themed museums, steam train rides once a week in season, outdoor and indoor play areas, animals, historical villages – Vikings, wild west and more. There are toilets on-site and a cafe.

When are they open?

Murton Park is open from Easter until the end of October. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Is there food available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks.

Is there parking?

There is a car park.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome on a lead.

Are they accessible?

What are the ticket prices?

Adults are just £7.50 and children £6.00 each. Under 2’s are free. Admission prices give unlimited return visits for 12 months.

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