Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a large visitor attraction near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. It is the second most expensive family-friendly attraction in Yorkshire. Aside from the Zoo area at Flamingo Land, there is nothing like this place in Yorkshire. You can sometimes purchase reduced tickets via Wowcher which I post about on my Facebook page. Tickets must be purchased in advance. They do have a limited number available most days but these cost £5 extra per person.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Things To Do Review

The wildlife park moved to a new entrance in 2021. You now park in an even larger car park on the opposite side to where the parking used to be. This then takes you through The Hive which is a new area with shops, the Evolution themed restaurant and a new indoor play area.

Instead of entering the park near the lions you now enter next to their newest animals area of Point Lobos. This as well as Atlantic Forest, the Himalayan Pass and Experience Ethiopia are all new to the park. We have only visited since they opened the Ethiopia area. You can find a map of the park here.

Point Lobos is home to Sea Lions. Atlantic Forest has Mained Wolf, Lowland Tapir and Bush Dogs. Experience Ethiopia has Spotted Hyena and some very entertaining Gelada Monkeys.

One thing to note about Yorkshire Wildlife Park is that it is HUGE! It takes a long time to walk anywhere and if you have young kids you may want to bring a pushchair for them. Even before the new exhibits, our legs would get very tired as the enclosures are very spread out. There are plenty of toilets dotted about though so you don’t have to worry too much about walking a long way to find some.

Once you cross the water into the older area of the wildlife park you can either head straight on for Leopard heights or right to Land of the Tiger. Tigers are usually notoriously difficult to spot but of our 6 visits, we have only ever not seen them once. You can often view them at really close proximity. We even saw one spray wee through the fence once!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review

On from the Tigers are their Polar Bears. These are an absolute joy to stand and watch and they are our favourite animals at the zoo. There is a long pathway above their enclosures and they always seem to be moving or playing. A few times we have stood and watched them play in the water. One of them likes to play with a plastic cone and can often be seen throwing it in the water and jumping in to fetch it.

Near the Polar bears, there is also a South American walkthrough with monkeys, Capybara and Maras that you walk really close to. If you are lucky one might even cross the path in front of you. There are other animals near here including giant otters.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review

A short walk from the Polar Bears is two more of my favourite areas of the park. There is a lemur walk-through which is well worth visiting at feeding time. We have had some fantastic experiences here. You aren’t allowed to touch but they can come so close to you.

There is also a wallaby walk-through. If any of them are lying next to the path you are allowed to approach with caution and give them a stroke. More often than not though they’re not close enough to be stroked.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide

You will then be able to see meerkats and you are now close to where the old entrance used to be. There are still the main places to eat around here and they still have the indoor play area. Other animals in this area include painted dogs and monkeys.

Even the walk around Lion Country can take a good few minutes to walk around. It looks short on the map but honestly, it isn’t. We have always spotted the lions and they are often moving around, play fighting or making lots of noise. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of the best places to spot lions. More often than not they are asleep and hiding but not here!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide

They have also recently upgraded their enclosures in the ‘Into Africa’ area. There is one thing to be said about Yorkshire Wildlife Park and that is that their enclosures are excellent. Their animals are pretty spoilt and although not all animals have vast expanses of space most of them do.

In their Africa area, it’s usually not hard to spot their zebra and giraffe. We do often not get to see the rhino’s but there have been a few occasions where we have spotted them. We have NEVER in any of our past 6 visits spotted the leopards…… it’s a standing joke now!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide

Another addition that opened a few years ago is a new outdoor play area (see photo below) plus camels and more polar bears (although these are harder to see than in Project Polar 1). The play area is excellent. There’s lots of fun wooden play equipment to play on and we usually struggle to get the little one to leave this area.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide

There is another older play structure in the woods near the lemurs. This can be a challenge to find but it’s worth looking for. It’s got bridges and a tall tower you can climb with a big tube slide. We once lost my son in here so it’s worth following little ones around. It turned out he was in the big tower scared to move!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review Guide

We haven’t been since we came out of the first lockdown as we found it way too busy. When we visited Evolution for a meal last summer it still seemed incredibly busy. For us, it’s also too expensive. We may visit in the winter again just so we can see the new areas or when they have a special offer.

One thing to note is that there is hardly anything to do indoors. This is mostly an outdoor attraction with a lot of walking out in the open. I wouldn’t recommend visiting on a really wet day. Also if you are taking a picnic you may have a very long walk back to the car to get it or lots of walking to do taking it with you around the park.

They also have experiences you can prebook for an extra charge. These include VIP tours, polar bear experience, giraffe experience and more.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park FAQ & Further Information

Address: Auckley, Doncaster DN9 3HQ, South Yorkshire. Phone: (01302) 535057

Category – Wildlife Park – Mostly Outdoors – Suitable for all ages.

What are the ticket prices?

£19.00 per adult and £17.00 per child age 3-15 online. Under 3’s are free. The price increases to £24 an adult on the day, £22 per child. This is their winter prices and the price increases during spring and summer.

What are the main facilities and things to do?

Large wildlife park with an excellent range of animals, walkthrough enclosures, play areas and more. There are a number of places to purchase food and drinks. Picnics are welcome.

When are they open?

Clifton Park is open all year round. Some of the facilities are seasonal and will have varied opening times. Please see their website for up-to-date information.

Is there food available?

There is a choice of places where you can purchase food and drinks. You are welcome to bring a picnic.

Is there parking?

There is a massive free car park.

Are they dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted

Are they accessible?

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